The Eternal vs Christian God

Recently I’ve been asking myself a somewhat important question. The question being, is there an almighty source? I do believe that there is one, but what I’ve gathered is that the God that christians worship is not the eternal. Not the true Source itself. I find this interesting because the Christians believe they are worshiping an almighty, but they may actually not be. I’d like to hear thoughts on The Eternal Source and its difference from the Christian idea of God.

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The Gods that christians worship is a altered version of a pagan God the Israelites made monotheistic. That’s the difference, one’s eternal source will differ to some their eternal source is a place not a mass of energy, to another it’s an individual being and being with them rather than a place or mass of energy.

Personally I believe in many sources and that many different people come from various sources and each source exist or at one point existed all on their own and not as “aspects of the same source”

However, there’s a topic that was made on this fairly recent.


Would you mind linking it to me?

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I think different people interpret the Christian God differently. They might view certain aspects/description as true and reject others. I do the same thing and I have my own version that I believe in and that version is not the YHWH described in the scripture. I just find it more convenient to refer to God in a Christian sense. It saves some explaining. I’m not a Christian myself.
So it doesnt matter to me whom a theoretical, idealtypical Christian worship, I think its more important what interpretation they have in their personal understanding. And we never know.

I agree with what you say. Some people in BALG also mention that the Christian God is an Egregore.
Could be.

Main reason is that it has far too many human traits: This God is like a King, He requires a Throne, Henchmen, and people to Bow and Worship him.

The ultimate display of Authority is to relinquish it all. The Eternal Source as you call it is a fitting description of this. After all, nothing will ever hurt it, why is it afraid of relinquishing all power?
The Christian God is a scared individual that has many flaws just like ours; great? Sure! The Absolute God? Nah.

This is mainly because Yahweh was originally a Canaanite God and his monotheism was brought on by the Israelites. The hatred by many LHP RHP and pagans feed a manifestation of an egregore and the years of reverence for a “all mighty merciful god”

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The Gods that christians worship is a altered version of a pagan God the Israelites made monotheistic.

I do find this false, i think christians are supposed to worship god which created physical reality, an demiurge, not any god known to be bound to religion or are or timeline, but from my gnosis it is possible to point out and show that the being that has created physical reality has alternative bodies and forms in mutlidimensional realities, yet hes ether and dna remains pretty unknown.

I think closest you can get to demiurge is to go after demiurge rna, which is “dead” and “machinery” version of his ether, which currently resides on 10th dimension.

not to be mixed with copycat fuckgod of 8th dimension, and all copycats of copycat fuckgod who are trying to create replicas of everything they remember of systems of “god” which do affect at the current very little to none to physical reality, but are acting harshly towards spirituality and etheric existence…

there are atleast as far as i know, eletric universe, artificial universe, electromagnetic universe, etheric universe, physical universe and holographic universe, they are dimensions, latched on top of eachother that we are playing with daily life…

I dont know how to fit actual first world and beings inside of it to this mess :slight_smile:

there is not only one god, and human is highest form of existence which should be treated as scholars of the eternal god, if you ever find yourself one.

It’s not false, literally backed up by research Yahweh was originally a son of El and the israelites made him monotheistic, christianity literally stems from their religion. El divided the region among his sons and to Yahweh was given Israel.

The Israelites started to remove Yahweh’s family from the equation first his brothers and father, absorbing El into Yahweh, El Shaddai became a name of Yahweh but was originally a name of his father, they removed his wife as well.

Christians worship the same God but at the same time christians and many occultists created an egregore of Yahweh just as there exists egregores of many of the well known Gods, demon, and angels as newbies, religious folk, and the likes get ahold of their names.

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Is mythology of El same as Ra that they never actually walked this plane ?

i mean they never were physically incarnated ?

El and Ra aren’t the same El was a sky father, the equivalent to Anu his mesopotamian counterpart, Ra never encompassed the entire sky Ra only encompasses the Sun. There however has been attempts to merge Ra and Anu/El.

I never implied they would have anything to do with eachothers in ether, i just asked does their mythologies have this same twist that they never were human, which in my head makes them automatically lesser than human, and machinery they are while on earth.

i have met anu

I do not view Gods the same was as you do, the whole machinery idea and all that I do not personally accept those things, nor do I view them as lesser than humans. Either way Anu is a primordial God just as Ra but they have from my understanding never reincarnated fully. Whether they have fragments reincarnated is up to them to reveal.

A finite being makes a finite mistake, yet you get eternal fire!
Its the boogeyman story.

Deism makes more sense than christianity. That a supreme god simply doesnt get involved in the material universe.

Makes more sense than the christian concept of a god constantly spying on you and writing down in his book every time you sin or think a bad thought.