The eternal source

I have three questions. what is the eternal source that ea koetting talks about in his books. did the eternal source create all things including all the gods. and is the eternal source different from the divine source or are they both the same thing. can someone answer these 3 questions for me because i am confused


The Eternal Source that EA talks about in his books is the same thing as the Divine Source, God, the Universe, or whatever word you want to use. It is the energy or force that permeates all things.

And yes, all gods, and demons and angels were created by the Eternal.


My personal excperince of this aligns with the one explained in a short book called The Kybalion, which isn’t a religious tract, it’s more a manual of metaphysics for the principles we find within the causal realm.

There is a free legal download of it in either PDF or html format at:

If you take time to read this, and as I said it’s not long, it will give you a framework for understanding the seeming contraditions you will later meet with as you progress through magick, such as the debate over whether spirits are “real” external beings, or an aspect of the mind, or wahetevr, you’ll be setting yourself years ahead of where many of us started who didn;t have this information as well. :thumbsup:

This is the kind of seemingly contradictory thing it can sort out for you, well ahead of time: