The Enlightened Society of Oculists

I’ve always been super into Illuminist doctrine, but this one is all but new to me, and quite fascinating so I figured I’d share it with you fine folks. The more I research this order and its origins the more my mind is blown. I can’t believe I’ve only just now stumbled upon this.


funny how i also misread oculist in your title as occultists :slight_smile:


Yeah we have been here for a while now.

And The ultra secret Grand and enlightened supereme intellectual elite amazing and astounding oculists society! Super secret thread! - #2 by AdamThoth
Eye Doctors Control Reality
Today’s oculists movement is more of a meme comedy/esopolitical not actually secret at all but make fun of secret society secrecy by saying we are ultra super secret and elite but yet anyone can join and it’s not secret at all. It’s all about dank meme codes and red pills.


No fuckin way! I knew there had to be a reason I was compelled to post this on here. Reminds me the discordian movement. A doctrine disguised as a joke which parades itself as a joke disguised as a doctrine.


Yes that in itself is part of it as it deals with perception of reality or lack thereof and doing an Oculus reparo so people can see the real world for a change so when you see oculists and you think occultist you are experiencing the very essence of what our dank meme codes are all about. Cheers!


Yeah I’m in the church of slack with Bob as well.
I also sort of self appointed … Myself…The eye surgeon general of the nation of Kekistan. Also acting medic in every major and minor meme war.


Hell yea dude. Glad to see I’m not the only discordian pope around here. RAW’s books were my introduction into fnord the world of thelema, western occultism, and ultimately what lead me to freemasonry fnord.


Specifically Cosmic Trigger Volume III. That book quite literally triggered my fascination with the occult.

Hail Eris.


Ah, yes. “Bob”. I was a (self-appointed) SubGenius priest of my local community a while back.

There is no Bob but Bob and Bob is his prophet. Bobbity Bob Bobby.


I seem to have hijacked my own thread. Is there any legit oculist literature out there I should know about? I think I’ve finally found a new obsession.


Yeah there is I will send it to you via PM

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Title: The Society of the Spectacle
Author: Guy Debord
Topics: Situationism
Robert Anton Wilson’s Stuff
Principia Discordia


I read the society of the spectacle way back in highschool. I was super into situationist anarchism as a teenager. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone even mention Guy Debord in years.