The elusive trance state TGS

after countless research, reading several books about these subjects, it all comes down to the theta gamma sync. being able to reach it is the key to being able to perform all sorts of pathworking. and after reading all these books, doing my own extensive search for ways to reach it, and many attempts at reaching it, i believe i’ve only had one instance in which i reached it, and by accident at that. I try, and try to get there, but my best result is falling asleep. if you could give any advice on this, (which i know you have before, in some videos and books) maybe theres something i’m doing wrong, i know i’m not the only one to struggle with this. i know i have to believe it to achieve it, but lately i have just been feeling that it’s becoming a trial that i can’t pass. I don’t know where to turn for help but here. I really hope to become an aspiring magus, ascending the rings of eternity, climbing the ladder to being one who may call myself worthy of the power that’s to be bestowed upon me, and i know i have alot of personal balance to achieve before thats possible. I must start somewhere and i feel that it’s with TGS which i can’t seem to grasp. if there’s any way you can help me, or anyone here can help me, also with out giving me the answers i already have found and failed at too many times to count, i would be forever grateful.