The elements and the 4 directions

A few weeks ago I asked the spirits to show me the true directions for the 4 elements, I was show the human body

Head at the east- Fire /Sun

Feet at the west- Earth

Right side was north- water /Cup

Left side was south- air /sword

Then I looked up the directions in freemasonry, and appearantly the worshipful master sits at the east facing the west… what a coincidence

The first description honestly made some sense since the the root chakra of the planet is at the west and the crown chakra at the east…

However I never associated the air element with sword before, so it was interesting to see that when I channeled it

The cup was blue

The sword was yellow

The head was red

And the feet were greenish brown

Furthermore I also found out the elites face the west when doing kabbalistic rituals having the white pillar on the on the right and black pillar on the left… then I looked at the the Egyptian solar gods and it made sense that they would have the sun at the top of their heads, and in the Egyptian books the water element was for the north so it was synchronicity after synchronicity…

However after doing more research on the topic I’ve found another way, which is by observing torus fields of the planet.

I’ve found that sitting at the north facing the south is ideal from my perspective because it pulls the energy up the spine, but it also makes the North Star aka the master Star the star above the head, the moon becomes the right brain and the sun becomes the left brain

The black pillar is at the east and white pillar at the west, but I’ve also found this to be interchangeable with the first description

I now keep the cup on my right hand for chesed and sword on my left hand for Geburah, which Is interesting because I’ve found that certain parts of the world actually embody more aspects of the kabbalistic tree of life than others which would be in alignment with the placements I’m stating

I personally use the wand as north for air, symbolizing the spine

East for the sword which is fire, Michael, deletes all evil on the left pillar

Cup for the west, for the right pillar and the moon

And pentacle for the south as earth

If we look at the torus fields it would be best to sit facing the south because this allows the energy flow up the spine and into the brain… and this would also allow proper circulation of the human torus fields also, but I suppose facing the west works too

But I think knowing these things are important especially since a lot of books have booby traps and getting the correspondences right can be very beneficial, especially for those that practice rituals such the middle pillar and LBRP


Which current is this intended for? There’s no such thing as universal truth for directions in all currents so this seems floating in an out of context limbo of sorts.

But I don’t think you need to worry so much about this… Directions aren’t a thing that it matters that much if you change them…There are different associations in a lot of different currents, and they all work just fine. :+1: Also don’t forget the poles are moving right now, so, did you mean magnetic or physical North, because they’re in different places? :slight_smile:

In Taoist magick for example, which is very successful, there are five elements and 5 directions including Center. These correspond to all organs and meridians and qualities as well, there’s a lot of detail in the system that has been used for over 10 thousand years.

I’m not suggesting the directions you care about are going to upset your magick for not following 5 element theory… Different systems.

Do what works for you, but don’t assume it’s the “true” way for anyone but yourself…

This is a common trap to think magick is fixed and not subjective to the practitioner. Energy follows mind, it’s sentient and goes where it is needed as long as your mind and heart are clear on your willed intent, (and is not redirected by other wills or external forces).


I’ve also come to the conclusion that there are multiple ways of setting up the elements, but if noticed, facing the south helps me connect with horus the elder or macrocosmic consciousness

But also I feel like facing the west helps with kundalini and chakras…

I think the set up can help with many things but I’ve also noticed certain misalignments can create inversions or imbalances but that has more to do with the pillars rather than the elements

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How did you asked the spirits?

When I first tried this I was looking for a technique to activate the ida and pingala nadis… and I was shown a visual of alternate nostril breathing which after doing some research turned out to be accurate information, I simply asked and they gave me a visual

Then I asked them about the directions and how the high level elite practiconers use it they gave me the visual I described above and that it had its roots in ancient Egypt and freemasonry

So they told me to look where there worshipful master sits, and it turned out to be accurate again, it was the same positioning the spirits described facing the west

And how do you know it was spirits and not your own subconsciousness?

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I don’t see any of it as separate, they’re all aspects of self, I’m not a singular consciousness like humans