The Egyptian Treasures

Hello everyone,
i’m from egypt … the name may explain that.
the old ancestors, left us with a big amount of treasures …
it’s underground cemetery’s …
i can see them and know how much in there …
this is not the point …
the point is there’s any possible demon would help me to extract that gold and clear the path down there from jinn and demons ( The guardians of the cemetery ).
any one have any idea ?

You might want to ask the Egyptian Gods, my ancestry ties back into ancient Egyptians, and it seems only respectable to seek their Gods for such a thing.

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And yet, breaking down the burial places would be considered doomsday to extract the gold and treasures.


I would be careful , just a random caution , Egyptians were highly knowledgeable of magick and such and often placed curses around riches and sacred areas

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if you are from Egypt, then you would know that anything you find belongs to the Egyptian government, so even if spirits could “clear the path” and help you extract the gold, you would be open to prosecution for antiquity theft.


Tell me more…

yup it is !

@DarkestKnight it’s belongs to the egyptian government and we have 10% as the founders of the cemetery that’s why i’m asking to extract it and give it :slight_smile:

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So you get a 10% finder’s fee? That’s cool.

Why wouldn’t you just find, and let the government extract? Wouldn’t you still get your fee?

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only after not before so i need to extract !

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Or it’ll consider as a crime and the gov will wrick the house apart and take them forcefully

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There are plenty of demons that are said to help to find treasures. A Goggle search should give you names. You could also call upon Earth elementals.

I do agree with @anon48079295 though, and say your best bet is probably going to the Egyptian gods themselves.


i donno how to summon them…

Well during those times the Egyptian Gods ruled Egypt. It’s respectful to call on them.

i know now but the problem i don’t have any books for them or any information on how to summon them, do you have any book for that ?

You can use prayers, invocation, etc.

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I know cuz i’m using jinn magic but where to find these gods evocations or invocations or even prayers ! remember i should summon them on the land of the treasure !

Also their hieroglyphs

Search the forum for Egyptian Magick.

The knowledge papers I posted has a ritual to locate lost treasure; you should check it out