The effects of grief on magick process?

I’m curious as to how the loss of a loved one effects other magician’s abilities and prowess. Do you become better at healing? Do you experience severe energy loss? Do you tap into the energies of necromancy?


Sorry for your loss bro. I wish for you all the streangth and endurance and to come out the other side of grief stronger more powerful and with greater resolve.


What I’d try to do is feed off of my own extremely negative emotions. As a result, I gained strength and energy from it instead of allowing it to completely destroy me.


The first stages of grief can cause anger and chaos magick to be stronger as you are yourself in that state. Necromancy & Healing usually takes place one you start accepting they have crossed over and usually signs, dreams and clairaudience will become stronger too.


It made my energies more destructive and caused very bad luck to my targets, especially when I was charging items for my misfortune jars


It seems that at first it completely drains you. But now I just feel anxious and my energy is getting stronger by the day. Hopefully soon it’s back to what it once was.


That’s how it was for me when my grandmother died.

Brother, I urge you to covert this into something useful.


You can utilize that energy to power a magickal process. However keep in mind the type of energy used to fuel a spell will likely result in the same energy manifesting in that very way. So if you use grief, you can manifest something, but do not be surprised if it potentially causes you or someone else more grief

With that being said I strongly suggest transmuting the energy into something else, than putting it into use

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try putting some bay leaves, rosemary, lavender and moonstone in a pouch near the bed. it will help you to have soothing sleep rather than anxiety. Xxx



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