The effect of viruses (like the common cold) on energy and magical ritual

Now it is cold and flu season, just another great thing you get from other people. My son gave me this yucky cold, he probably got it from preschool or one of the other numerous places he goes to pick up things like that. Of course, he got over it real quick and starting jumping around right away.
I recall on time I was at the swimming pool watching him take swim lessons as a baby. I had this camera and case (before I got my first smart phone.) Some kid must have stole the case right out of the bag right under my nose. I never did get it back. Its like with a cold I can’t even feel people’s energy or notice when they are trying to take stuff.
Another one, warning, I do not make demons sounds nice in this post. I decided, that after two failed attempts at evoking to land my husband a job I would try yet again with another demon. I picked Vual more or less at random. It was really stupid because I couldn’t even sense his energy. Well, not much later I got into a car accident on the highway when the car I was in just died. I think it was related, and naturally no job for my husband was forthcoming for a long while afterwards.

Go through the The Lesser Key of Solomon which gives you a snapshot of each diety and choose one who’s description fits your needs. The Ars Goetia is a great place to start. Once you’ve found what you are looking for you can then meditate on your needs and perform a ritual with much better results than random choice and selection which rarely works.

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Diseases start out primarily as an energetic manifestation before a physical one. Your energy body is sick just like your physical and needs rest. I wrote a bit of a document explaining this and I might be able to upload it later but in general when you are sick you should avoid magical activity beyond purifying your own energy and minor cultivation and healing.
As for matters of evocation I recommend Franz Bardon’s work both first and second books to learn the techniques needed for any magick or evocation.