The effect of moving (house) on magical practice

I move a lot currently. Everyplace I’ve lived has also effected how I think about magic in a pretty big way. Some have made it so that I don’t practice at all, some so that I take different approaches that I wouldn’t normally take, none have been the same.

Now, maybe it’s not the places, maybe it’s the experiences, the people, the stress, the jobs, or something like that. I don’t know. But I would be curious to know if your findings matched at all with my own. Yet I do know that local spirits and other things of the like can have vast impacts on their environment.

What do you think? What has been your experience with moving to different

The location of your home should have nothing to do with how or why you worship. If your home is too busy, noisey, or if you have roommates or a spouse, many simply find a quiet place to perform a ritual. Your worship or spiritual beliefs should be your internal beliefs, your determination or desire to practice the Craft or whatever religion you practice.


I wasn’t talking about worship, but magical practice. That is, I don’t always focus on spirits, in fact it’s my least common form of worship.

In any case, since I wrote the original post I have moved to yet another country. So now I have lived in four different countries in the past eighteen months and visited three more for extended periods of time. In general I would say that the ideas I have about magic and the things those ideas drive me to practice changes a great deal depending on the way that the physical and social environment impacts the metaphysical one.

For instance, in the past I was studying and depressed and moved to D.C. where I was also studying and depressed. My psychological and social environment were basically identical, yet I ended up using systems of magic as a mainstay that I had never really cared about before. Inventing new methods of manifesting that I had never considered before.