The Dream

I would like to share a dream i saw today. before going to bed i chanted name of lilith and told her that i want to work with her and to guide me. later in a Dream i saw a man telling me “this is how you can become a living god !!” and i woke up in fear. could this be any kind of message??


It most definitely could be. Lilith is quick to respond to petitions like that. And don’t fear your own power and potential. Embrace it, and know that most people never ever will. It will put you above the masses :wink: And while it might appear overwhelming, it’s our legacy, and our birthright. You just have to awaken it :wink:

Let Lilith guide you, and embrace the power that comes from it, wholeheartedly.

Also as a side note, were there anything else in particular I that dream of yours? Any events of significance to you?e

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The person who told me these words was a beard man with brown hairs. When I slept again I saw my aunt and the house my father built at my native place and I saw that my aunt (father’s sister) has taken control over that house.

Was he E.A? Or Timothy?. If yes then that is advertising in the next level!

No i am not doing any advertising. I just shared what I saw in dream.

It was a joke brother, I know you aren’t doing any advertising. Most likely you have developed some psysic ability, that’s why that kind of dream.