The Dragon and The Serpent

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away

There was a Great Platinum Dragon, and the Serpent without Wings.

Together, they witnessed the death of their world, and on the ashes of their old one, they sailed the cosmos together looking for a new one.

Melania passed, and over time, their doubt began to weigh them down when they could find no world to make their home. Then, in a that darkness, there was a whisper


And if I become a Demon, So Be it. Anything for Her.

And in that moment the Platinum Dragon followed the voice and veered off course to see, in that primordial chaos, that there was a great void like unto a beast. So empty, and so dark, did the Dragon begin to fear what he had heard in his heart.

But then he looked to his shoulder to the Serpent wrapped so tightly, and he looked into it’s eyes and in that reflection, he saw the doubt and fear within himself. He said, "We have been shown a door. I will believe in you, if you believe in me.”

The Serpent shook and twisted, so afraid was it that the Dragon feared that it would lose it’s breath…and then it all came back at once. There I no air in space. Only the Fear of choking on it’s tongue.

The voice had died down within him then, and soon, the Dragon looked away from his doubt to see the door was beginning to close. It soared through the cosmos as fast as it could; but we must remember the law of causality.

In that moment of Doubt, the hole had closed enough that when the Dragon soared into the void, it ripped apart it’s wingss.

And together, the Dragon and the Serpent Fell.

The End.