The dog attack

I was having a hard time desiding what section to put this in. This is a true story. There are no exaggerations or dramatizations.

I was taking my bicycle around my neighborhood in the late afternoon/ early evening. It was still some light out. I began approaching a dog who began barking and moving aggressively towards me. I tried every method to appeal to the dog such as making certain sounds, lowering myself, and eventually swinging my bike at the dog. However nothing worked. So then I desided I was done playing games and when the dog drew near again to try to bite me, I opened the eye’s in the back of my head. Instantly an energy burst from my lower rear brain as the dog suddenly behaved as though it were jolted by some shock. The impulse I released from my brain struck the dog and sent it running in the opposite direction. It didn’t come within fifty feet of me after that.

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