The Dissolution of Worlds - My Ritual of the Eleven Aftermath

a week before and a few days i performed a ritual lead by azerate,this was my second ritual of my azerate pathworking that i am going through but this is not separate from my work with the gatekeepers in fact thats connected in my ascend,everything will help and serve in my ascend.

on saturday midnight hour three i preserved myself for the ritual of the eleven that i been pulled in my ascend,this ritual changed everything because the eleven rulers much like the gatekeepers feed the lord of darkness within,in my ascend i incarnate azerate,the most wrathful god in me ,i become thee. Xeper.
I truly relate to the word of set i can finally proclaim the sacred word in my heart.i become and come into existence.

Ringing my infernal cauldron while gazing at the idol of azerate,falliing in deep state of being,i been still and let my creation crash,like a train without a driver,its saturday, the day of dissolution.asmodeus shares this secret unto me : a pralaya,a dissolution happens to refine the cosmos for an another cycle of time so does the maha pralaya to refine the whole universe - continueing creation each time greater and greater. asmodeus guides me into the greatest ascend and path that i ever saw in my eyes,i cannot give expression to something that theres no words more so i do not even try,pralayas happen all the time,when you mindfully breath,when i do it feel everything being recreated for the purpose of my ascend every time.
the goal of asmodeus is to make you fully conscious about it ,this is why he showed me the art of pain that i will write in the compedium of asmodeus,to become invicible.

but i got too deep on asmodeus right?i think i do but lets continue on the dissolution of words.
invocating ,evocating and becoming the very forces that i call in my temple using the litany of the eleven rulers,the dragon awakens and smells the elixir of sacrifice.after one hour and half of ritual so it is done,so mote be.

The Dissolution Of Worlds

The ritual of the eleven is done,and i became the dragon,i done another step on my eternal step and i had to work on the principles of the ritual and this is the dissolution of worlds,the breakdown that makes the break through,i been not feeling that great the day after but i am not paralysed by fear i make it serve my ascned becuase thats why it there,to awaken you in your ascend.
Asmodeus carried me into the next step which is his gate and his principles to work with and this is becoming truly a god,the breakdown that i had the pain that i felt is that magick cannot fit in my body,magick was too much for my body.
the lord of darkness within guides me to that which needs to be done,death of ego so letting myself dissolve in darkness and in eternal light for the purpose of becoming god.
my throne is proclaimed,my name is proclaimed,i come into being. Xeper.

and now i become the being,the man that i need to be,which is not human but a god,the black singularity.


Eternal power and love - Xag Darklight