The differences between the leather edition and normal edition of BALG books

I was looking differences between the leather, first edition books, being part of BALG and current available editions. I came across youtube channel John Razimus Mysterialis Paranormal Investigation
where in one of episodes, the youtuber was talking about Book of Azazel. In the 9:30 he shows that there are sigils, that in normal way are invisible (I guess it’s the same method like police uses for fingerprints or blood samples in the crime place).

Anyway, do you know any other differences? Not only in that book BTW. It’s important for me, because I want to know if better is get more rare edition (with higher price) or standard edition (cheapier).


Quality wise I think leather will stand the wear of time better than a paperback, so will a hardcover. It’ll also feel a bit more bulky too. I don’t think the paper used will be different or the binding techniques, but then again I don’t know much about book binding except the basics. I don’t know the differences internally though, BALG books are expensive.

The book of Azazel’s audiobook is free though.