The Difference Between Enlightenment and Ascension

Is there a difference? Or is it just semantics? Technically we are all, already, enlightened; one needs to only believe and accept it.

From what I have learned one can attain and then lose this enlightened state of being. As is the dancing ebb and flow of existence. But this pertains to the majority; not those who are (or who have not yet attained) Buddha or Bodhisattvas awareness.

Now, I do understand the concept of ascension. A complete awakening and activation of the kundalini and becoming self-aware (I just thought of skynet, lol).

I have ( more then once, accidentally and on purpose) reached a state of enlightenment. But it never lasts. Awakening the kundalini too rapidly can have disastrous results…I can confirm this from my teenage years.

Is there are real difference between the two? And are either states even meant to last?

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Ascension is the process after enlightenment I presume… But these words are so corny tbh


Okay I can see that. I honestly kind of assumed they’re one in the same; and wasn’t sure if the terms are considered to be interchangeable.

And LOL at “corny”. What terms would you use instead?

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