The devil, three of cups, two of cups

I’m having a hard time making a interpretation of a complicated situation between me and a friend.

I asked the tarot cards what he feels about me and got three cards, the devil, three of cups and two of cups.
I’m guessing here that he wants to have sex with me and have feelings for me?

Or maybe he is obsessed with me?
I have known him for a while and he is my best friend but he suddenly stopped talking to me and he is not answering my messages anymore.

I was very confused about what is happening and decided to pull some cards about it.

I’m not very good with tarot yet but I’m feeling that he maybe stopped talking to me because he doesn’t want to act on his feelings?

Anyone more experienced could help me with these cards?

Assuming these are all upright, you have:

“What does he feel about me”
XV The Devil: Bondage, disaster, dependence leading to unhappiness, sex without love, mental health issues and addiction.

Well, that’s not great, and it’s not clear if that’s what he thinks you feel, or what would happen, or is what he feels. But let’s look at the others.
3 of Cups: Conclusion, solace, healing, resolution of a problem
2 of Cups: Friendship beginning or renewed, separation, crossed desires, cooperation

I think you’re right. He’s got a lot of weirdness going on as seen in The Devil, but he knows it’s weird and he’s trying to fix himself. He’s not gone for good, he’s retreated to take time to heal and get back on an even keel.

My take would be, what he really wants is to renew the friendship as it always was, but he has to clear his head, so let him take the time and space he needs and just be there for him when he comes out the other side. :slight_smile: