The demons I've summoned wreak little havoc

I have had success with Mr. Koetting’s summoning of demons using sigils. I have summoned various ones for various purposes, and although it comes through in one for or another, it is just not very much.

I have summoned Sitri and Sallos, as well as many others, for love or sex, and while several interesting coincidences happen in my life, and sex and love does show up in one form or another, it is not my original request. Do not get me wrong, I am happy that they manifested in one way or another, but it is barely anything.

Also, I tried a red candle spell out of E.A.'s Baneful Magick book, and then there were tornados near where I live, with lots of destruction. Before they hit, I was given a sign that this had something to do with the curse. Interesting that it was totally deflected off the person I had intended to use it on, and sort of just exploded out there or something…

For example, from Sallos I got a very strong “No” for my original request, and then was steered toward a new sex life. Well and good, and I know I sound like all the other obsessive heart-broken sob you hear about, but what gives?

Now, as for the havoc, the demons have done very little to harm my enemies. There are a few, and I do mean very few, health things that show up, and other strange little coincidences, but nothing bad really happens.

The main point is, these people are no my enemies, and while I try to win back their love or lust, it just tends to come back as a solid N.O., plus I am warned not to interfere with them or some sort of physical authority will come in. The warnings are very clear.

Basically, think of it as my old buddies have blocked me, and no matter what I do, that block just tends to re-enforce itself, and the demons, while helpful, simply do not destroy. I feel that I have limited their power due to the legal restrictions of my actual environment? Can they not interfere?

Could someone please help me with this, so that I can build my magical strength?

I am a bit confused, if you don’t consider these people enemies then why are you trying to curse them?

I suspect that the biggest problem you are having is because you are internally conflicted and therefore you are unable to direct your Will effectively.

If you have a look at the threads where other members have successfully destroyed their targets, they were dead to them before they even worked their will.

Looking at the post you have made it seems to me that you have fairly intense issues associated with internal balance and clarity. In one thread you said that when you confided suicidal thoughts to a friend they then took actions to exacerbate those symptoms… to what end? To actually make you kill yourself? And this is someone you continue to associate with?

If I were in your shoes I would take a hermitage for a few days away from all the shit in your life and do some serious introspection and self work.

You have to raise a lot of energy for anything to manifest. You have to be able to consciously connect with the spirit in order for them to get the energy. You have to be razor’s-edge specific and crystal clear about WHAT you want, not HOW you want it. No muddles, no narratives.

“NO” is not in the vocabulary of any demon I ever heard of. You should read that response as, “You aren’t capable of accomplishing that right now.”

You really have to start with the basics and move up. It’s not going to be miracles, poltergeists, and firework shows starting out. If you need a miracle, hire somebody.

Thanks guys. I do have a lot of intense issues with my will-power and it’s direction. And about the demon not saying not, just saying that I cannot have it right now, does seem to make sense. I should probably withdraw for a time, put my thoughts in perspective.