The demons appear but doesn't speak to me,why?

I bought the Mastering evocation course so I started my first evocation

with just Paimon Sigil and later on Lucifer as well on a piece of paper and some incese a simple ritual for few weeks i was just feeling energy a present but nothing more, I usually do this rituals in my room when this days I noticed that in an angle of my room a shadow appear and in the shadow I can clearly see a face with eyes and nose ecc, but around there are a lot of faces that I can see depend where I look but now I can see these faces all the time when I enter my room even without ritual.
I tried to find a logic answer for that a read neuroscience that says that human are hardwire to see faces in everyday objects so I’m wondering if I have been successful or he is just me seeing faces but the most important things I asked to these entities to speak to me but nothing i just see these faces staring at me without speaking I can see everyting externaly,I wrote a pact for Lucifer with some wishes ask him to sign the pact on the paper but I have not been successful,not signature.
Sometime a can see a shadow with the corner of my eyes moving close to me coming behind me on the right from up,when I’m meditating watching the sigil but when I loose concentration and i try to look at ‘that angle’ where i thought that i saw a shadow nothing is there
what your thoughts?

thank you

Well, if I’m not mistaken, and what I understood, E.A said that when you contact these entities, you would be first receiving answers in your “own head/thoughts”, then, when you keep contacting them, the answers in your head would distil to your mundane senses, and you will hear them like you were talking to someone normally. So, keep practicing, and when asking the entity questions, write first your questions on a paper, then when the answer comes in your head (like telepathically) you write them down as well.

Good luck and good work(s)!

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Good answer, that’s right!

You need to learn what a parcr is. It’s not like a contract on earth. Also, I’d say it was unsuccessful evocation because it’s easy to trick your mind into seeking things, but you didn’t here anything at all. Pm me if you need further direction. You’re on the right path but not all the way close to evocations

Papa Guero, if you have a simple guide to evocation that kicks the ass of everything already written and produced, please start a new thread with it on the forums, I’m sure many people will enjoy reading it?

Yes, I see a shadow from the side also. Like a walking shadow.

Lol it’s not really simple. It’s just a matter of getting to know these spirits as they are and doing the things they would attract them. Once you have their attention it’s a matter of asking questions, making pacts and such.

Seems simple to me, especially since it’s something already recommended, frequently, on this board by Euoi, myself, several others. :wink:

It’s great that we’re all in broad agreement - I’ve debated whether there’d be any point to creating a divination setup of some kind to help people discover which spirits are most naturally drawn to them, whether ancestrally or through other means…

But to get truly back on topic, Koby, try asking for the spirit to send you a sign in a form you can recognise - you may not wake up to find “Mr. Lucifer, Esq.” scrawled on the paper in finest copperplate script :o) but if you happen across the name Lucifer in print or speech three times on the same day (NOT on these forums! lol) then you know there’s been a link made.

I find pacts are very like legal contracts, PG your mileage may vary, as the saying goes, but while it’s important IMO to have some kind of resonance with the spirit if it’s a long-term working arrangement, even then, I prefer for the terms to be absolutely black and white, and as simple as possible. I’m going to quickly repost something taken from my own experiences:

I put most of what I know about pacts in this post - remember most pacts go both ways, that spirit IS likely to ask you to do things for them, and unless you get boundaries in that reflect who you are, and not who you wish to be (or think you “should” be) you may be confronted with requests you’re just not capable of fulfilling.