The demon I've been talking to told me his name today so I ended up here!

Hey there, I’m Ventaelia, Vent for short. There’s been a demon hanging around on and off for a while at my house and I talk to him through my boyfriend. His voice and eyes change when he comes out to talk. Today he told me his name…it’s Belial! My s/o (nicknamed Note) is uncomfortable and won’t talk to me about it because one of his best friends made a deal with Belial (I don’t remember the whole story) to protect his daughter and assure her a happy life and he gave his own life for it, so even hearing his name is a sensitive thing for Note.
But I’ve chatted with Belial a lot over the past few weeks and I really enjoy having him around. Note acknowledges his presence as he messes with the lights and plays around with candle/incense/lighter flames a lot and he sees figures or lights in “hiding spots” quite often (closet, behind the door, behind furniture). We used to both think it was just a spirit but realized it was a demon for sure and I finally learned his name. I was actually asking Note if he wanted to be called master, or just sir or daddy (in relation to BDSM) and I’m thinking it’s the word “master” that sparked him talking to me but I asked “What do you want to be called?” and he responded with “Belial”. So here we are!

I’m happy to be here because Note doesn’t want to talk, and I think that Belial doesn’t want to talk either. I’m not sure who said they didn’t want to talk because it came out of Note’s mouth but in the altered voice so it’s a little confusing. Lol.

Any comments/insight/advice/greetings welcome!

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Do you have any experience in magick?

@DarkestKnight I wouldn’t say no but there’s no training or anything.

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Welcome to the community!

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