The Demon COHZIER Who Stands Against The “Troll God” Of Abraham

I called on him, made a petition and gave the recommended offerings. I needed relief from some residual Christian upbringing-induced existential anxiety and he helped me like nothing else ever has. He has my utmost respect, gratitude, and praise. :blush:


This is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Thank you for this post. I already had made a post complaining about a situation pertaining to my issues with family who are Christian constantly praying for especially my mom.

I don’t think my mom is aware what she’s been doing is spiritual abuse. Like for an example she gets mad if I don’t give god the glory when some good happens or the fact everyone says that they prayed for me to live when I had the NDE, I didn’t experience any Xian god! She’s quitting alcoholism now she’s like… In a religious roll. She use to never be this bad.

It’s bad enough that it would drive me to drinking. That’s how bad it is. And I have to live with her because I don’t have anywhere to go and it’s expensive to live on your own. Anyways I posted more about my situation in another thread.

Thanks for the post

So I attempted to summon Cohzier for the first time and in my minds eye I saw a giant toad that resembled Venusaur lol and I felt like an egg cracking with lots of feathers bursting out. I saw later that he has wings.

Anyway today my social media was flooded with some ad for a local ceremonial psychedlic DMT medicine thing that comes from toads. I must just check it out since such medicine can help empower and heal, and heal the damage done by yhwh’s religion and followers.

I credit Cohzier for changing my life and opening an old door for me that I neglected for over a decade by pursuing medicines like Bufo, which is from toads.

Safely and responsibly consuming psychedelics can help break down society’s programming. I’ve been inspired to explore and respect ancient ancestral roots and customs.


I need help with pronouncing ZHAHRULLIS.

Every recording says it like za-ha-hrullis, with a heavy h sound on hrullis too. I guess that’s how to do it?