The Demon COHZIER Who Stands Against The “Troll God” Of Abraham

This is a demon I want inside me. As It Wants To Do So. What is safe for me and the demon by having it come into me and encopass me I say "come on in"
I promise. (and of course no one that is innocent gets hurt.) I say this publicly so there is COMPLETE understanding on this.


Has anyone who has worked deeply with him since the events of the ritual found out more about him? I am curious to hear more experiences regarding him.


I chatted with him a few times since, nothing in-depth though because I’m having a lazy few weeks since the 11th. I like him a lot, but then I love Bael, and they’re linked. :heart:


[quote=“vonPfaff, post:10, topic:8429”]Thank you for this post Lady Eva.
My mate is traveling to Germany next week, and I have a lot of concern for her safety because of the violence taking place there by the locals and economic refugees. I think carrying Cohzier’s sigil will aid her in her travels unmolested.[/quote]

Just as an update, she arrived back safe and sound. She and her girlfriends went to Oktoberfest in Dusseldorf. Lots of guys bought them beer, but no one gave them any problems. She carried Cohzier’s sigil in her purse the whole time.
I had made him a ritual offering of fine Italian prosciutto during her trip.


That’s brilliant news, thanks! I know his power against spiritual pressures, glad he cast his protective wings over the more mundane type of pest. :slight_smile:


I had a most interesting conversation with Duke Cohzier last night on my back deck. He told me he began to grow in strength and recognition prior to meme frog pepe over the last several years.

He said this interesting fact, that people of the world would talk about the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012), but many would often mispronounce the President’s name and would say like “Sar coh zee-ayy” infact evoking Cohzier without their knowledge and giving him power. He smiled and said he liked “that damn French frog Sar coh zee-ayy”.

I found him to be very good natured and laid back while speaking to me.


That’s brilliant! And yes, he’s got a lovely personality, very likeable. :slight_smile:


Thank´you for sharing!!!

I was kinda sky-rocketed this year, and recieved similar Connections and Sigils,

and i’m tryin to figure them out currently, at least a Little bit.

Seeing that Anura Sigil of Bael,

kinda chills my mind,

and helps my sanity.

Thanks. :blush:

Well Apritiated.

As that’s definatly out of a time, where i wasn’t conciously involved with Magickal Practise.


Kind Regards,



What about peeps like me who just got of the Abrahamic gods clutches?

This is some Olympic scale procrastination! :wink:

Yes, he’ll help you.

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lol it’s no longer procrastinating I’m waiting for a journal :joy:

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you do this…in class? why?

I once started sending sex energy at a teacher in class just for fun, I’ve also summoned multiple entities, talked to the ones that just happened to be around, made entities, healed multiple people across text, reversed curses, and a ton of other stuff in the middle of class before.

Life is magic, act accordingly, always.


what was the result?

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Results of what? as Arcane said his thing worked out just fine, my healing’s work out well usually unless its something I just can’t fix, same goes for the rest of them, the made entities work out well, the summonings…well ye know.

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sexual energy to the teacher lol


I posted it here before in the “that moment when” thread, she reversed it on me and…yeah.


She chose her Job over a single sheep in the hoard.
No unsual outcome.
besides, you propably expected that one to fail,
i know i handle lot’s of unnecessary Energys,
becouse people around me project desires when i’m with them.

It becomes so regular that you outgrow it, quite fast and frequently.

It also keeps a good general charge (in recent Grimoires called critical mass) around you,
which you can tap into and use upon need.





Not trying to be funny but wasn’t he the head demon in Ghostbusters.


Never mind that was Gozer.