The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

I’ve been having these dreams for years though

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It seems to be a warning about anger and emotional upset and your goals with dealing with adversity, that a storm is coming, so be prepared.

Heres something you lot might find interesting. For months I have had reoccurring dreams of cannibalism. I even had Tom Hiddleston in a slow-cooking smoker. He was delicious, but a bit stringy.

In another my face opened up Predator style as I devoured half a person’s face and I could feel their bones crunching in my teeth.

These have become a regular occurrence for me.

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Cannibalism ia symbol of your power over other people. Eating human flesh in a vision means you want to control or subdue someone or something. Looking at one of your victims this could mean you would like more control over a career or interest in acting or entertainment.

I dreamt about my late cat,last night. I found myself at my old home and my mother grew concerned about the cats disappearance. “Yeah, it’s because she is dead for quite some time now” I thought but I promised her to look for the cat, anyway.

When I took a stroll towards the neighbouring area I actually saw my damn dead cat sitting there like she waited for me. As I approached her she ran away. We played a bit “Catch me if you can” until I found her inside of a deserted barn. I picked her up and looked at her, telling her that its good to see her again (I was really happy, lol). In the blink of an eye I was surrounded by other cats, each of them looked like her and at the same time they looked completely different. My cat gave me her signature smug look as if she were proud about something. I woke up in a happy mood.


Lewd dream from last night: I was in some sort of graduation ceremony in front of a large audience. Not sure what we were graduating from, there were no familiar faces. Anyway suddenly there was only 3 of us graduates left in the row, and the announcer called forth 3 persons to join us, two of them very muscular men and the other was apparently called Marduk. The third one, a voluptuous asian lady came to me and the men joined the 2 other graduates. At this point the announcer said we had to had sex with the pair we were given. And there was only one rule: had to insert it into the “exit” if you know what I mean :smile: Well I did as told and had some fun, didn’t seem to mind the audience watching. Then I woke up.

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I dreamt I was in some store, and I saw this large rack of long black fur coats and pacing through and around them was a very large black dog, disappearing and reappearing, almost like in a black cloud. I was captivated watching this, it came out and I saw it’s face, and it turned from a sort of husky looking dog to a wolf with a lion like mane. I didn’t feel fear, more awe. It was beautiful. Then to my left a small chihuahua type black dog took notice of this wolf and got excited and ran as fast as it could to meet it. Half way there, it was stopped by my mother. She was directly in its path, and the little dog got stuck between her feet or legs. Then she hopped, legs opened, and the dog continued charging forward till it reached the wolf. It was looking up to it showing affection, nuzzling its face in its fur. The wolf stood still kind of statuesque and seemed pleased. It felt comforting.
I woke up and started to think about its meaning. It made me think I was the little black dog, the wolf was Lucifer, and symbolically, I was perhaps trying to reach him before birth, left mom, then felt a pull much of my life to hidden knowledge, the occult, darker things. Then feeling drawn to Lucifer over the recent months, reaching him and feeling his presence and answering of my request. It took a while to find my way. Idk. Cool dream. Made me think about things.

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Last night, I asked about the changes in earth’s weather and all what’s going on regarding that matter… what does it mean? What’s going to happen?

I had a vision of a double-cross that, at first, looked like the Lorransky Cross, one associated with Joan of Arc.


The second similar symbol that I could found is the Leviathan Cross, aka the Cross of Satan, and it suppose to mean protection and balance within and between humans to infinity or in an eternal universe. But the one I received was without the symbol of infinity.