The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Ahh I see, Not that I can Recall.

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Then it’s very likely her dream was caused by anxiety. Try not to worry.

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I had a dream last night i was trying the get ganesh in a van with some other females. Ganesh was sitting on a park bench eating ice cream. When a beautiful heavy set lady rode up on a bike. Ganesh said what makes you think i need to go with you and then Points to the beauty on the bike. I woke up then

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A dream of death is often symbolic and means the end of something, job, relationship etc not actual death. May I ask how you died? Heart attack in your sleep or what were you doing? And what was her anxiety about?

You are focused on past problems perhaps with a romantic partner that was or is cheating on you or has a hidden agenda.

The workout means you are not getting enough sex or exercise in life. The blond woman and running into the exercise rack deals with relationships that we have can be somewhat arduous and this dream indicates that you need to keep in mind the consequences of your actions.

The way forward in this dream is to try to release any tensions in life regarding a disastrous relationship or your comfort zone will be challenged. You need to take assertive action in the future in order to resolve issues, confronting problems which will enable you to progress in life with relationships.


Ive been a serious bodybuilder for 25 years, and sex is regularly 2-3 times a week.

My relationship is awesome and trust is not an issue for either of us.

That said, i appreciate your insights :yum:


Oh, lets have a look at this one:
Last night I dreamt about cutting a dudes throat. He looked like a man in his 40s with dark and curly hair and a mustache. He was wearing a long and flowy robe, in white and blue colours with golden ornaments.
He spoke to someone I would consider as “dear to me” in a very aggressive and commanding manner.I couldn’t understand his language but the way he spoke, gestured and looked at the person I was with made me feel annoyed and for some reason I could sense some kind of offense that floated from his mouth.
So I walked straight to him,looked him in the eyes. He still wasn’t ready to shut up, he just continued his speech. So I slitted his throat with a small and fine dagger that I had with me. Seeing him shut up and go down filled me with a sense of calmness that carried me through the entire day. Oh, well.


I had an anxiety attack 2 days prior, and then she had it. a day after she dreamed I died of natural causes.

I had pretty strange, mysterious and violent dream today.

It started in a dark but well decorated hall, where I’ve got tested by two “person”. I had to fight against them, using weapons (two swords - my Godform also using two swords anyway) after I won (successfully defended myself from their attacks and striked back), they told me that I’m worthy of their Master’s attention now, for “serve” Him and living in His Royal “Household”.

Their Master was a Shadow Like figure (not all the time appeared like this, but I was unable to see His face and in the dream I didn’t saw Him too often) told me some extremely strange Rules of His “house”, and things what I must respect and had to satisfy. He told me that if I will respect those and finish what He asked daily, He won’t hurt me and I can enjoy this privilege.

But then happened something. I can’t remember clearly. I’ve tried to escape from Him and His ‘House’ after I made a mistake and somewhere deep inside I knew He will punish me because of it.

So… I’ve attempted to escape.

I was in a ruined city. There was dark and murk everywhere, and after a long running through
the chaos itself, I’ve started feel His presence, He was closer and closer to me. I had to hide myself between some deadly scared people, in a dark room (it has laid in a huge labyrinth), but it doesn’t mattered… He knew exactly where I’m was. He caught me in His Shadow form, then raped me between those scared, screaming people (it was the second time in my life where I’m dreamed about something raping me).

I woke up several times broking my dream with this, then started talking to Sitri (His Sigil was under my pillow, since the 3rd day) about this, and I’ve also told Him that I want to know what will happens, I want to this dream keep continue.

Then felt asleep again and again, and the dream has continued till it’s end. Till I’ve got caught.
And I’m still very-very curious about what does this dream really means?


The dream may have come from your fears or a parasitic entity (shadow person). There may be other explanations, but those two came to me. I believe shadow people do this sometimes.

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your fears

I’ve got no fears, really. :thinking:

About parasites and shadow people: I’ve never have any problems with shadow people before, and I’m sure this isn’t about them. I’m also don’t have to fear from parasites, I was always well protected in several form. So I can discard these.


Okie doke. That’s all I could think of. I hope you can find out what it means.

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I had a dream last night where I and a friend were trying to solve a puzzle at the top of the building (I can’t remember what the puzzle was).

We had to get to the top of a building from another building by waiting for a lift to pick us up. Sort of like a video game, I kept missing the opportunity to get on the lift and would fall down to the bottom of the building. My friend made some friendly jabs at me, but I was frustrated at my own incompetence.

And then, I saw a vision of my friend getting hurt and became concerned. A figure (who I’m calling the Helper) showed up and declared me the “Chosen One”. He gave me a device with three selections. “Chosen One” was one of these selections, but I can’t remember the other two.

I was granted the ability to fly and got to the roof of the other building just fine.


Putting all of this together and the final anaylsis of the dream/vision indicates that you are troubled or have problems forming long term relationships that could lead to marriage and having a family. And again this is your vision that should give you insights into your relationships from your subconscious.

As you use the sword and fight, it symbolizes your own desire to battle for your rights. The two swords features a dual advantage that reminds you of energy that may be used for positive or negative forces in your magic and life to use what you have fairly.

If you found yourself with a weapon directed against you, or you are in a fight where there is violence, it is time to think about how others are treating you and remove aggressive, intolerant people from your life.

You may feel that you are undertaking a psychological inner fight with yourself, not knowing which way to turn in times of need. Finally, the deity is setting rules that will govern the relationship that will lead to success.

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I had a dream last night where I was being chased by this kid outside, I tried running, pushing/throwing/kicking him away, but he just wouldn’t give up and when finally thought I had outrunned him and got into my apartment, the kid rang the doorbell and I gave in and let him in. Found out we came along very well and had a blast. I’m not sure if this is as simply decoded as me running away from something that would be good for me, or is there something else behind it.
Another more symbolic dream I had that I cannot understand is I was in a staircase going up, but a huge eagle attacked me from the top of the stairs, so I ran down the stairs, but there were red snakes on the bottom of the stairs so I was stuck between red snakes and an eagle, and I woke up.

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The vision is indicating social conflicts that you are escaping from, trying to find solice and escaping to the calmness of your apartment and letting your opponent in is a sign of overcoming challenges successfully, unlocking a new door to solve your problems.

Dreams about stairs relate to progress and moving forward in some area of your life.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs and walking up climbing, it indicates that you may be thinking of taking up a new task which is going to lead you to success and growth and you are being held back by the attack.

In the same way, if you are looking down the stairs while standing on the top, you may be fearing a fall or a descent regarding a certain achievement or goal and are now trapped in the middle, stuck in your situation, being held back and attacked by a bird that is stopping you achieving your goals and you can’t go back to your old position because of the snakes.

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You are trying to solve your problems but are failing. You have to make a specific choice to succeed and fly to success.

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I dream of tornadoes often. I’m trying to warn people and I’m running around getting people to go to their basements because I know they’re coming. There are usually like 2 or 3 tornadoes and I always wake up right before they go over us where we are hiding.

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To dream of a tornado represents an emotionally volatile or sensitive situation. An “emotional storm.”

The vision of seeing more than one tornado may indicate a significant change in life. A moving tornado on land means you are headed toward a goal.

The tornado can be associated with life’s misfortunes and it has the power to damage anything in its path and that you are likely to undertake a situation that may leave others or yourself harmed as this dream is a warning.