The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

The weird thing about my dreams are I rarely remember them. However when I do remember them, I usually don’t forget about them. And they that feel important for some reason.

I have s few more that were messages but those are very few.

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I remeber when i was a child i was dreaming that i had a cut on my arm and it was from lucifer but every time i tried praying to god …the cut would burn me …and i had some demon powers from the cut…
It was like lucifer marked me …but i was a child…how could i dream about things like this??

Had a great dream last night. After a ritual i always say that the spirit can come to my dreams to speak if its easier… mostly nothimg happens … last night i said it again after a really strong evocation, i specifically said to show me his sigil so i would know…

So about 4am im dreaming that im in my room with a spliner in my palm. I start pulling it out and its a huge thorn- big enough to poke out the back of my hamd. And blood starts pooling in my hand

I know right away what i need to do, and start saying "alash tad…((etc) which i dont normally do as i find the letter combination distracting) and start calling Azazel, still cupping my hamd i search for some paper while evoking & paper found I start drawing his sigil with the blood (its right messy :joy:) and i felt him next to me…

Then i get distracted by the paper & wake up!

I had a weird dream, last night, but I think it was significant. I’ve been thinking of spirit animals (sort of like familiars – an animal companion that has something to teach you) & wanting to find mine. I was hoping mine was a tiger, because I’ve felt deeply connected to them for decades. Before I went to sleep, I briefly sent out a thought that it’d be nice if my spirit animal would show up in my dreams. So here’s the dream. I was disappointed at first, but then re-evaluated what I thought & read some surprising information.

I dreamt I was at my altar & making flames come out of this glass container I actually broke irl, recently. I could control the height of the flames in the same way I have telekinesis in many of my dreams. I made the flames very high, then got a little scared & brought the flames back down to a safer level. (I was afraid they might set the shelves above my altar on fire.) The glass container was not harmed by the flames & everything was fine. I was surprised I had control of them & pleased & impressed I had gained a new magickal skill. (I’ve never had a dream of being able to control fire.)

Then, an umbrella cockatoo was behind me, as well as another parrot I don’t really remember. The cockatoo had his crest all up & was puffy, which gave me pause, cause they’re usually dangerous in that state. However, he was not angry, as I feared. I felt sensations in my nipples & breasts. The parrots got closer & I started breastfeeding both of them. My breasts started pumping out what looked like water, with a little blood, not milk. My breasts were moving & squirting of their own accord (pumping like) & it was so pleasurable a feeling, that I started to climax in my dream. The birds & I were pleased. Then I woke up.

At first, I was disappointed a cockatoo might be my spirit animal, but then I realized they could teach me about chaos and how being unpredictable is an asset, while also having fun & enjoying myself. Then I looked up dream meaning for cockatoos & parrots (I believe the other one was green, but not an Amazon) & a lot of the symbolism surprisingly made sense. Most if it was from the Aborigines, which is one of the few belief systems I know little about – therefore, I did not subconsciously remember any of this info, because I never knew it before.

Apparently, white cockatoos figure in 2 myths (dreamings) of the first death on Earth. Considering I’ve been working with Santa Muerte & wanting to understand my NDE better (which she explained to me & I’m very grateful to her for, thank you, mi madrina!), this is very surprisingly fitting. I never would have associated cockatoos with death – never. Parrots also relate to expression with words & colors. Considering I’m a writer & artist, this fits perfectly! I also wouldn’t have consciously connected parrots with colorful art, because I have an African Grey & they aren’t really colorful. When I think of parrots, I think of my dork, lol, not colorful macaws or amazons. Also, green parrots symbolize healing energies & I’ve recently been told I have a green aura & believe that could be true. So while I don’t think these spirit animals will be with me for life, they do appear to be helpful to me at this point in my life & I’m grateful for the dream. Also, the fire being contained in the glass vessel that I broke, means to me restoration of something valuable of mine that I thought was lost for good = magick. The control of the fire was surprising & pleasing & I look forward to what that means for my magickal practice.

Say hello to one of my spirit animals, lol. Be careful, those beaks can be truly devastating!


I had a very vivid dream earlier, I was about to head to some place in Asia. I was with friends-either it was a university or something else and there was a girl around as well, people telling me constantly to tell her how I felt. Then I was given a box that contained gold bars branded and rings as well. We were in some apartment or something and I took her to the bathroom(stfu dirty minded people) and I told her “You’re not seeing anyone are you?” I said “No, it’s weird to be with someone in Year 13 isn’t it?” “Oh that’s right you graduated didn’t you?” “Look, I’ll flatout say it, I’m in love with you” and she had a wide open mouth and I’ve no clue whether this means anything or not

But one thing I’ve learnt is through opening up my throat chakra, I cannot lie to myself about who I’m in love with. It is clear through my subconscious, through Freyja and Lilith alike, I know who I’m in love with. I kept lying to myself saying stuff like “It’s never going to happen” and that I’ve moved on. Hell, even through my fake friends telling me “Face it, deep down you’re still in love with her”. I cannot lie to myself anymore. I am in love with my best friend. But I don’t want to hurt her either and to confess to her? I’m sure that would hurt her entirely

So for the third day in a row, I’m dreaming of crocodiles, it started where I was imagining myself in a cubicle of water inside a river (like a cubicle made of concrete) I suddenly saw next to me a huge crocodile that was there and I I wanted to get out of the cubicle and I went through it (not feeling anything) and I walked following the water path to the river’s edge and there was another walking towards me (than at that moment I felt that they did not give a shit about mine presence lol) I said to myself * what the fuck is that * we passed side by side like we were both crocodiles lol

second day even environment but agitated waters were hunting and quiet (I felt again that I was one of them) as none of them was attacking me …

detail, I was not able to see myself in dreams, so I have no idea the kind of shape I was assuming in the dream …

On the third day I felt I was one as I was able to see through their eyes (I mean, I felt like I was inside them and seeing what they were seeing) which is really strange and felt what they were feeling * it was nothing absolute, no fear ) I do not know how to explain very well, it was just a feeling of coldness and rigidness of the body - every move he made I was feeling his body moving like if II was inside him or I was him or whatever it was lol

Is there any spirit attached to them? i i personally never had this interaction with them in dreams ( in real life yes )

i left this last detail to say in the end of the text,in every dream,in the end,i was having sex with different girls,the second one i saw myself suddenly in a jail but a jail that i could go in and out lol and people were almost like making a party there,drinking alcohol and using drugs lol

the third one ended with an girl inviting me for a walk and i suddenly end up in a neverending run up neverending stairs,yes a infinite stair

crazyness lol


Gosh theres so many dreams i can think to write down, but i’ll go with two that have always really stuck out to me, both these dreams happened years ago.

First dream,
I died, i got hit by a car, and to get into the after life i had to go get hit by a car again and relive my death, once i finally got there the world had no color, all black and grey, i was in a weirdly architectured room, it seemed to not have any organization to the layout, rooms everywhere, i passed through one room where some people were sitting on the floor playing video games, then i stepped outside, i could see a big kinda “outdoor” mall looking area, but then went into another room of the house and all of my past pets who had ever passed away were in there, one of my cats who was extremely special to me was there and she ran up to me and i held her, then a tall man walked in the room and i was crying and told him i don’t want to be dead, he said “ok” and held out his hand and when i grabbed his hand i woke up.
i can remember this dream visually almost perfectly aside from the mans face, i can see his body, he was tall and slim

Next dream!
so this one needs a little back story,
So this was in middle school, i was dating this guy, (who treated me very poorly at that…)
who would tell me about this creature he called “the figure” he would draw it as an all black tall creature with a triangular head and described it as a creature from a different dimension . he would say it would scratch him and torment him basically, for a long while i thought he was full of shit because thats the type of person he was, and i thought he was just trying to impress my friend and i who were both very interested in the paranormal and had some stuff going on, but anyways,
one day i was alone in my room drawing, he messed me and described to me what i was drawing and i asked how he knew and he said “the figure told me” i was alone in my room with closed curtains, another time my dad had described a similar being standing down our street,
now for the dream
i once had a dream i was in “its dimension” it was one of those dream that feel extremely real
i can’t describe its world in words very well, i remember that it was dark, there were tall cliffs, dark/black water below and other creatures there as well, i don’t remember the dream as well as i used to or as well as the first dream i shared, but i don’t remember it ever saying anything to me, it just kinda took me around “its world”

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On your first dream that you were hit by a car and died suggests that your lifestyle, beliefs or goals may be in conflict with other’s, also symbolic of a jolting experience or perhaps injured pride.

The death and afterlife experience symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive development that is happening within you or your life. Your vision of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you, moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind.


Interesting visions or dreams. Crocodiles indicates that somebody close to you is being dishonest, the crocodile lives on both water and land with the emotions (water) and the physical (earth).

To see the crocodile in a river that you are escaping from can suggest that you cannot see what you need to in life. If you “are” the crocodile indicates you need to break free from routine and focus on how you can progress in life.

Walking with and being a crocodile in a dream foretells deceit. It is associated with hidden enemies and changes in life and shows wisdom, deceit, strength, control. The crocodile is adaptable in the wild the dream is connected to being flexible in life. Something might be threatening your lifestyle or ambitions, goals?

A never ending walk up a endless staircase you are trying to move forward after the open jail relate to progress and forward or backward in some area of your life and can represent feelings of fear, falling, with no success and are going no where, you may be struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation.

Stairs portray transition. This transition may be spiritual, emotional, physical. Most often, dreaming about stairs is also very closely related to change and growth in an individual’s life, sometimes which is mostly financial and materialistic.

Agares might be the deity behind the visions and is described in grimoires such as the Livre des Esperitz (as Agarat), the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Lesser Key of Solomon, and the Dictionnaire Infernal as a duke “under the power of the east,” an “old man, riding upon a crocodile, and carrieng a hawke on his fist,” who teaches languages, stops and retrieves runaway persons, causes earthquakes, and grants noble titles.


This dream indicates encountering a lot of problems in life with some powerful rivals or enemies such dream is usually a warning, that these people will continue there attack with being reproached or punished for some reason and that you are running and hiding from unexpected conflicts by someone who usually doesn’t behave in such manner indicating influential people will try to stand in the way of your success.

The rooms in your visions are symbolic of the sense of self. No matter what other imagery or rooms, chambers present themselves are a sense of personal identity.

When you locked the door from the glass room that everyone could see into and the key fell out of the lock, meaning you had no way out and than managed to free yourself from the room, is a sign of overcoming challenges successfully, unlocking a new door to solve your problems.

But the problems or grievances still persist as the tiger was still stalking you but couldn’t get in and then being chased with a gun crazed woman and finding another way out, all indicating social conflicts that you are escaping from, trying to find solice and escaping to the calmness of your friends.

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Digger: Breastfeeding is symbolic of ‘nurturing’ your plans, projects and ideas, which might appear stressful, but generally positive. The dark European man also suggest you depend on other people, emotionally, financially and find it hard to break up strong bonds or relationships.

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My turn :grinning:

I had a very strange dream today that i am wondering about. I was unusually tired this morning and slipped in to deep sleep. I dont usually sleep as late as i did but again i was unusually tired.

The dream:

I am working out in the gym. I am the only one in there. I am doing tricep pushdowns, when I notice a blond woman with a toddler walk in.

The woman seems to not notice me - she is blond, very pretty, and dressed fairly conservative - mom type clothing. She does something with the child, and the child is gone.

I am still doing pushdowns (longest set ever…) when the woman turns around, and proceeds to run head first into an iron squat rack. I watch in shock as she gets back up and proceeds to run head first again into the squat rack. I yell “hey what are you doing !!!”.

She gets up with blood pouring out of her face and head, and I woke up.from the shock.

I did an enpowerment ritual last night, and I was unusually tired this morning.

Any insights???


I was watching videos about Lucifer and history on Youtube and this particular video explained how he is referred to in the Bible as a dragon. That night I had a dream that I was in someones room and while she was sleeping, next to her bed was a tiny flame on a table. I can’t recall if it was from a candle or a match or something but it was a very small flame. The flame grew and formed into the shape of a dragons head and slithered off the table towards me and that’s when I woke up. Anyone knows what this means? Or if he’s just making his presence known in my dreams? Or if it was just a spooky coincidence? Let me know please.


This book had been so valuable that I recommend it as it not only shows you how to understand your dreams but goes much further

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The weirdest dream , it happened in a virtual platform ( instagram ) and in this specific social web i was a user but not any kind of user i was the King Belial and the people were commenting things like ( bring him to the family ) …

now i wonder if the message was to bring him to the family or he wants me to spread his name in this social thing …

well i just remember many people writing this sentence ( bring him to the Family ) ( welcome to the family ) and stuff like that indicating of being part of a specific group/family

My wife had a dream I died of natural causes ? but the day before she had an anxiety attack, could this mean anything ?

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That sounds like it’s anxiety to me. I used to have panic attacks & very bad anxiety & would dream of my loved ones dying all the time. Has your wife ever had a psychic dream?


How can you define a Psychic dream from a normal dream, hard to tell right ?

A psychic dream is where you dream something & then it happens either exactly or very similar to the dream.