The deathless soul

It all started with a small seed of desire. To build a bridge that would fill the emptiness of existence. So that souls courageous enough can walk through and discover the hidden gnosis tht would otherwise liberate them from and endless journey of slavery. To light an endless fire that would never be quenched by any sin. To ignite a spark so true slicing through every mind in unison. To do this a sacrifice must be made. Someone had to thrust themselves deep into and beyond the abyss and retrieve the keys to locks of ignorance. It must be bliss you think? The first step into the void and the soul of man is shattered. Crushed with evey step you further make. Consistently hit with evey fear and doubt hidden deep within your being. The stench on death the wailing of tormented beings drown the mortal mind into a never ending spiral . The urge to give up to scream to tear yourself apart becomes prominent.Sanity is melted and you lose touch of time. Utter pain depression sorrow , the only tentacles slicing through the residue of what is left of you. Your Faith is taunted by the despicable beasts of the depths…Your loved ones turned against you. Bad omen after bad omen