The darkness within your true higher self

I have come to an awakening that the true energy exist within the darkness within is more powerful than any God angel demon or spirit I have found the inner Godhood via self indulgence and self worship you don’t need aid from demons angels or gods all this power is in your own body and mind when you invoke the spirits you are invoking your own inner power and Godhood…do not rely on demons or God’s to fix your problems or ask them for powers you already have they are nothing compared to you a God and a Goddess living in your kingdom the earth…you can choose darkness or light or become both I personally choose darkness as its the strongest power energy I hold within myself…in short I have become my own God the goal of BALG and I hope everyone does the same…dont Hail Satan or any others only Hail Thyself!


I have reached my own God head via meditation rituals self indulgence and self worship it was a long process I am 31 years old but now I need no help from anyone spirit or human and have reached magnum opus the higher self via darkness there is light energy and dark energy but in my experience I feel a stronger pull towards darkness…


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Hows the weather up there in godhood?

But really im happy for you, you achieved what others seek there whole life to do, cangratz


it took tons of meditation self doubt mental break down but I believe I have reached the God head state…


Yes. Similar to you Ive come to a higherself or realization through self indulgence and meditation. I destroyed all that doubt. :relieved:


I have as well… Godhood achieved but still oh so much more to attain…

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when you reach the higher self God head all self doubt is gone…


Ways to achieve the higher self or God head…

  1. Kundalini meditation
  2. Chakra energy focus and meditation
  3. Self indulgence and self worship
  4. Mental break down could be viewed as negative but it could also lead you into a new chapter of which God head is more achievable
  5. Spirit astral soul travel or drug usage such as DMT LSD marijuana mescaline etc…