The darkest goddess... az-jahi

This video is posted here in order to open up the subject matter for discussion giving BALG forum members deeper insight into the Path of Smoke presented within Black Magick of Ahriman.


I really wanna know, why you people came to those views to that entity.
-And i kindly ask for a simple explaination of the differences.


*Just a little note:
As i was reading about lilith -i felt that “Az Jahi” just gotta be related in some way to her
-because Lilith seems to me like a dark Diana und steriods, and what i heard so briefly about Az Jahi, made me see some similarities.

And then BOOM: it is stated that Lilith is also called “Az” …but the same time does this guy say that its wrong. ~Well i don’t give much about it, because my picture of Lilith being -like i said:
like a dark-sexy perversion of Diana seems to me just right.

Still: i wanna know what this beef(above) is about.


Well the entire time he is talking about “Az” being a devouring force “thirst”, etc, which is why she is a vampire. I mean he is reading about it the whole time. Now these are ancient Gods of the Vedas okay… so if we look at pre-Zarathustrian etymology of the word "Jahi, (sanskrit) it means kill. So… Az-Jahi means to kill by devouring. Like Satan Jahi is not a name but a title. It is a descriptive term like Mainyu or “inspiration”.

Like modern Satanists he has a “CHURCH” which reveres Ahriman and his emanations as external Gods to be worshiped. My current says that though they are external they are also internal aspects of dormant power within man. He speaks of “Akasa” being neutral aethyric matter or space. In my book I do not go into that because it is a waste of space and I am trying to get to the point. It is mentioned in my book as “Dark energy” or “void”. He is connecting dots that are not even there anyway using amateur speech hypnosis. In other words he is talking so much trash that uneducated people are just going to assume he knows what he is talking about.

What is the beef about? Well I slaughtered his sacred cow. To say Az-Jahi is connected to Akoman is not wrong though. That is why I describe them all as emanations of the Black Sun Ahriman. They are ALL connected to the source of the awakened Ahrimanian force. Not just Akoman, not just “Az”… all of them are extensions of Ahriman.

Lilith came later. Consort of Samael. Similarities? Yes. Az-“JAHI” is an earlier understanding of a force which rules over death and decay by progressively taking life force. Hence the vampyric associations. What you are witnessing above is what I call paralysis by analysis. Lets face it… anyone can pull together information from random sources to build a supporting case for anything. Then dots which are not originally there can be created especially when leaving out other sources which oppose the self created view. I have no point to prove really and I do not have 30 minutes of time to waste on this guy.


Interesting, interesting. (I’m excited to get your book by the way.)

I also saw, that he -even with stating that he “leads the people to godhood” he also stated
-concerning satanism in general: Why worsphipp a fallen angel if you could worshipp a god?!"
This and other lines which i noticed, show that he is an praiser of those entities -a non-equal.
-Which ITSSELF seems highly dangerous, because those entities seem to only respect power.

So those religous people honor and fear those entities, in a similar way as the christians do:
They believe that there is no way above, so they come as close as it gets with their imaginary set of limits and choose the best ass to kiss for their minor “advantage”.

~Concering what i wrote elsewhere about Lilith:

I like the idea of Selene being an aspect of Lilith.
~For Lilith has been reborn as her own descendant.
And concerning the huluppu tree story, she is in actuality not just an intruder,
but IS the tree, but also the southern wind which ripped that very tree out of the ground in the first place.

So… is Lilith just an “distribution” of Az Jahi, which is itself a distribution of the black sun?

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Now this was an awesome question… let me make that clear. I just think Adam Daniels is an ass-hat. So forgive my short brief and broad explanation but I am not going to sit here and counter his millions of pointless points because to have power struggles with powerless people is pointless as his points… lol! :wink:


Well, at least does he draw some attention, which maybe will lead the people to BALG :wink:

Lucifer Lilith Samael are more than fallen Angels they are Gods only reason associated with fallen Angels in my opinion are historical personal interpretations by lay people of old? as examples same thing is misinterpreted by lay people of this age!


Religious slavery. Religious interpretation forced on the masses. Demonize that which empowers. It is simple.


I don’t wanna nag around, but what is about that point?

Or am i totally wrong? :scream:

We all have information about demons gods but little about the apparent god of good does he exist I strongly doubt this more a fabrication of dogmatic religious leaders bent on control and personal power reinterpretation of message as leaders or experts in jeet today same comparison is valid argument this is my view point!

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Lilith is daughter a God or Lucifer! Or Lucifer is Lilith in femine form? We are all one perhaps Lilith and Lucifer are one in same?


Sorry, its hard for me to grasp how a being -living in a dot like view of time could ever have children. ~I guess its more like: Brahman splitting himself up into the universe, by being ripped apart by his “imperfect” aspects.

Wasn’t Kali also an aspect of Durga?

Ok… We are getting now bit off topic.
~In the end is the “use” of an entity is what matters -isn’t it?

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Look. It is a great mistake for me to try and “prove” my “intellect” because the more I come to know the more I realize I know nothing. So I will quote Az-“JAHI” and hopefully it will be something you will meditate upon because it addresses this whole Lilith thing and the evolution of religion as well as the reason for her vampyric nature. I mean fuck this guys this is why I wrote the fuckin book. Lol!

“I am the unadulterated force which originates in divine darkness. It is I whom devour the Adversaryfor the sake of his continual refinement and evolution, that he may continue to oppose limitation. As a result, the hubris of mankind attempts to recreate their false Gods of light in order to impose BEING upon the Adversary who is the force of BECOMING. These attempts made by fools merely display the fact that it is indeed Angra Mainyu (Ahriman) who resides in the shadows who is responsible for the evolution of mankind. It is the powers of darkness which consistently destroys the ignorance of religious doctrines which lead nowhere, forcing them to change course and fail. Each step upon that forced process of change, though it may contain only a glimpse of illumination that stems from the Blackened Fire of individual spirit, then serves to offer the human race a way to become liberated and unbound by the system of spiritual enslavement. Come to realize that all conclusions made by exercising your own evil mind outside of religious dogma (which is Adam Daniels source of info) is of Angra Mainyu”

So even the above intimately shows the connection to Akomanah or “evil mind” and Az-Jahi. I do not argue it. It is true. It covers who Az-Jahi is and also why these Adversarial forces evolve. Asmodeus in modern time is the ancient Div Aeshma. Who gives a hoot? Result matters. Not theology (unless you are bound by religion)


Lol! Yes as I said RESULT matters.


Interesting… so is “the Maha Chohan” just one half -or just a different view on Ahriman?
-Or maybe: just the other side of the same coin?

I know, it could be foolish to try to combine everything you heared before with that which is new.
-But i try to find disproof/proof for the esoteric crap i allready have in my head.

Breathe people. You cannot gain a greater understanding of reality and its connection to spiritual forces within or without by OVER analyzing things. You gain this and power through application of spiritual work and connection to the spirits. So… just do the work. Find your answers that way because though I may be able to give them to you… I would be doing you a GREAT injustice by robbing you of your own experience.


You would :sweat: … and that without question.
~Well, i would like to close this thread with:

I’m looking forward to read your book! :smiley:
You are amazing -BALG is just like the eternal fire of zoroastrism


You don’t just read this book… IT READS YOU! I am sure it is looking forward to it as well. :wink: It has much to say.


COOL -i just started reading the supplement to the book.
~iiiinteresting :open_mouth:

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Why doez Lilith want me to father her demon babies this has me confused in that a God wants seed of a mortal?

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