The "Dangerous" Enochian Square

Hey All,

I am curious about the square EA says is forbidden and “dangerous unless you are prepared for immediate Ascent.” What does that mean, exactly? I’ve read the previous thread EA started about it, but I would like to hear about the experiences of any others who have opened this square, what it was used for, the results, etc. Can it be used for material needs, or is it strictly for spiritual power? I plan on opening it myself this weekend, and would like to know what it has done for others.


i haven’t tried it yet how things go for you?

Honestly I’d test it.

Where is the square… I fucking love magickal Russian Roulette!


be careful. Even EA was hesitant to share this one


i printed it, i wanted to open it.

i openned the table of union, and talked to the angel of spirit EHNB 2 times. and to EXARP the great spirit of air.
they are nice, depending on you intention of course.

the forbidden square to me, is calling on the demonic angels of the enochian system, demons of air and demons of fire.

when i first open the table of union at night, the following day i had a alittle bunch of grey hair and my body was feeling amazing! i hate those grey hair but i know where it comes from now…

according to the other people who openned the square, the entities are working on you request, you might spend a shitty time because those angels/demons of element move planets and energies for you to get what you want.

it’s better for you to work on a physical or material plan for personnel ascend with them.


interesting. if they are demonic angels though…why is it that EA states that they can only be called for a good/ noble goal? Demons dont tend to care about such things. They do seem quite powerful, but this limitation of theres kinda reduces what id like to do with them

as i see and feel it, those entities are quantum controllers, some are good and some evil like us i guess.

people told me " don’t call enochian angel you gonna die" i called them and they were the most amazing being i ever met. they meet your needs when it is possible and if it is serious.

Try the square and don’t be scared, the energy will just be in you body shaking like a leaf and in your face.
when the high angel of spirit came i couldnt stop crying because the energy was so high, not tears of happiness, tears of i don’t know wtf but you are real lol


what do you mean?

demons tend to be more chaotic and have less of a moral code. For instance…if you call on an angel for money like pendralion, you can ask for money, but only as much as you need, not want. He and other angels look down upon greed. A demon like bune or mammon for example, will give you what you ask for regardless of whether or not you actually need that much…almost encouraging greed.

So what i mean basically is that they lack that restrictive moral compass, which makes their uses much more numerous. My fear of using this tablet is asking them to perform a task they view as morally beneath them…because i dont want to suffer their wrath or blowback


oki understand what you say

yeah, i would like to use them…but i dont really know what they consider to be a “noble goal”. The things i desperately want are more carnal in nature and not so much about spiritual ascent

tell me in private if you want , but if it’s carnal, forget about it( my own advice) the angels of this particular square can make you building/ house burst into pieces while you are calling them, so…

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well at the moment, my main goal is to acquire enough seed capital to start my business so i can get some financial independence

money is not carnal to me. it’s material, am i wrong?

Pendrailion is not an Angel. He is a Grand Spirit, and rules over the Second Kingdom of Flames. In that grimoire, there are three types of entities: Demons, Angels and what EA simply refers to as Spirits (with a capital S). He rules over the currents of material wealth, so I don’t think he has a problem with greed as there are demons of greed that are under him in the Second Kingdom.


yeah you’re right. Do you think it would be a problem?

@DarkestKnight Fair enough. Just used him as the first name that came to mind


Understood, @Verdo I just wanted to clear up any misconception so anyone new reading this thread won’t confuse Pendralion with the beings of the Enochian Square.

There is an older thread about this square in which someone opened it and asked the angels to “remove any and all obstacles to my Ascent.” He had a dream in which some beings performed surgery on him, which he took to be the angels.

I assumed the angels of this square are concerned mainly with spiritual Ascent.


yeah i saw that post. it does seem like they are more for spiritual ascent, which is why i’ve placed them on the back burner for so long. I’d love to find the demonic equivalent of this square with entities that’ll help you with whatever the hell ya want. The closest thing i can think of is the mudra of lucifer EA mentions in his video course to summon legions of demons

There are plenty of squares to try out in the Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage. There’s a square for almost anything you can think of.

There is also the Anakim square. Those giants will help with anything.