The Daily Grind

So i never really learned the mundane basics because my mother was never taught them herself, and now have an abhorrence for it… because of that for pretty much my entire life I’ve had a HUGE problem carrying daily tasks such as showering, brushing my teeth, doing dishes (its not good), laundry and other basic things thats normal for human function. I would much rather spend literally ALL of my time researching, talking, painting, travel, games, etc. And I do. My mundane suffers and now that I’m raising a daughter, I struggle with not wanting to pass this on to her. I am strict and hold her to high standards. It works right now but I don’t know for how long if I can’t reflect what I teach.

I need some insight. I practice demonic magick and I have a close relationship with Santa Muerte. Unfortunately for this issue, Santa Muerte supports psychosis. I require order, but in a fun and subtle way like a child. Who has some jnsight? Who has also had this problem? Which demon should I work with to overcome?

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So first off i want to say that i also has a mother who pretty much abandoned me at a young age. It took a while before i picked up those normal mundane basics. I would just offer you a piece of advice on it. Its a daily thing meaning i constantly have to remind myself to do those things. As for demon im not quite sure as i havent worked with demons in a while. I will say that being strict will possibly be the best way. As long as youre not overbearing. Find the nice middle of strict and overbearing. Hope this helps

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Thanks! Its nice to know others are going through the same thing. Im still looking for a demon to help me through this. I was thinking maybe Belphegor. Thoughts?

Sounds fine with me. Just make sure to do your research lol.

I would say this isn’t a different demon/daimon/God/Goddess issue. Rather set yourself into a routine. Habitual house keeping routine, you can surely continue with Santa Muerte within a routine included. Housekeeping is a keeping routines after all. That should make it natural to you.