The dæmonic incantations and the archangel Michael


So, my girlfriend and I attempted to call the archangel Michael infront of the Universal Circle.
She sat down, staying in trance and performing the role of seeress, while I was the conjuror and spammed Michael with the “Alash tad al’ash tad ashtu” aswell as the “Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu…” conjurations.

The first thing Michael said was asking me why I was summoning him using that demon-talk.

I can’t help laugh writing this. E.A. said that these incantations aswell as the demonic script on the circle would be pleasing to any spirit, angel, demon whatever. But eventhough Michael did answer my summons and didn’t seem angry in any way, he didn’t like being summoned with those two incantations. Not in the way that it offended him, but more in the way of it seeming inappropriate to him and unnecessary.

Have any of you experienced anything similar?


Michael is fire. If you summoned him and got his attitude, you did it right.

The incantations, IMO, are just a way to verbalize the expression of thought and intention.

Honestly, if I was in the proper state of mind to summon a spirit, I could just as well chant ‘Big Mac with Fries’ over and over again, because in my head I had the proper intention.

I wouldn’t take it personally with Michael, if you got his attitude, you did it right IMO.

I think it was his subtle way of reminding you that ‘You’ are God, just focus your intention and summon him.

edit–I’ve only spoken with him a few times, but you just gave me a theory to try out next month.


You were chanting “The holy cow shitted on the crossroads” with the intention of summoning Michael. Seems reasonable why he asked you that, but just not.


Sure, it does seem obvious considering what the meaning of, atleast the first incantation of pacts, is. But still, Koetting said it was fitting for any entity, so I thought I’d test it out on an angel for once.

Right before beginning the ceremony, I was lead intuitively to call in enochian instead of that aramaic tongue, but as I said, I wanted to test out those two particular incantations when dealing with an angel, before moving on to calling in enochian. Plus I don’t feel comfortable with the enochian tongue just yet, whereas I do feel comfortable with the two incantations mentioned.

In any case, the results where good eventhough Michael didn’t like “that demon-talk”. Next time I will ask him if he can specify what he didn’t like about it, since I feel strongly that the reasons are more complex than the typical christian demon vs angel crap.

I hadn’t thought about it that way, that he had attitude because of being a being of fire. Nice, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I personally don’t believe that intention is everything, and anything else doesn’t matter. I believe that certain vibrations generated from certain sounds have different effects in and of themselves. That isn’t to say that you can’t have result by just chanting “[spirit’s name] come”, I know that you can. But I doubt very much that it will be just as effective as mixing it with a proper conjuration.