The Current of Darkness

Ok so I’ve been trying to contact that current of darkness or ‘black mist’ from the beginning of Works of Darkness. I have been going to my basement late at night in the dark with an arm less chair facing south. I sit down and call out to the powers of darkness and try to imagine the black mist coming out from the environment around me and surrounding me. Then I try to imagine it entering my lungs as I inhale and leave my body as I exhale. Tonight when trying I asked it to teach me the ways of the left hand path. While closing my eyes every hair on my body stood up and I got goosebumps. It felt like someone was there and I thought I heard tapping on one of the boxes. Then on the other side of the room a box fell. I don’t know if it was the way I stacked it to make room but it had been sitting there about a good 5 minutes. I sat there trying to imagine it for another few minutes then I thanked it and went upstairs. Am I close to accomplishing this task? Koetting also describes this exercise as ‘falling through rings of reality.’ What does he mean by that?

Sounds like a good beginning - an imporbable event occurred at the same time as you’re trying to master shaping reality to your will, instead of the rgeular probablistic outcomes it would normally take.

I don’t know what he means but for me personally, this means entering a space where, like on the astral planes (and daydreams) events, objects and so on can be altered, moved, shaped and manipulated by will, something that’s currently harder to do in the physical worlds.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us…

“-falling thru rings of reality…” speaks to me as a poetic indication that the operators perception of “reality” is about to shift. From the simple observations - to the far flung.

Sounds like you are well on your way.

I have read the WoD and performed this exercise as well. For me a feeling of intense cold always accompanies this, not as in the room drops to a frosty cold temperature per se, but a deep feeling of “in my bones aching kind of cold.” Clearly, this is a ring of reality for me that distorts. It is a distortion that in truth is long lasting for me - in that I will need to sit close to my fireplace or any heat source in order to sleep thereafter as well. Sometimes for 3 or 4 nights.

Konstantinos has an exercise that involves placing yourself in as dark a place as you can find, then imagining yourself surrounded by a huge body encompassing sphere of pure death energy and darkness. This exercise produces the same results for me as the WoD ritual… extreme bone chilling cold.

Another ring of reality that shifts that I should mention is the most obvious one for me as the operator and the people who exist near my space - Movement out of the corner of your eyes, “Shadow Cats”, personal items dropping to the floor, missing items and distant lingering smells of sulfur like asafotida are all routine for me. ( I simply recognize the demons attempting to get my attention, speak aloud to them and assign a task in order for it to remain in my Lab or personal space.)

I suggest that you begin keeping a written log of your explorations and note how your reality rings shift accordingly. Posting your observations and experiences here on BALG is a valuable resources for us all.

There are different ways to get in touch with the Darkness. Either as a current, or through spirits and entities who is a part of that dark energy. Some spirits seems to be connected to several currents, or “layers” of energies and it doesn’t necessarily have to be based on any kind of negation. They just control it and choose what it will represent when they manifest.

A usual reaction to the dark current is that it’s unsettling. The outcome, depending on the reaction and the spirits purpose of being in the dark current, will be different from an individual perspective. Either you find comfort, strength and power from the darkness, or fear, sadness and weakness. These are emotions that’s very much edible from a spirit perspective. But the dark energy can be positive and edible for spirit and humans alike, depending on the action when the unsettled beginning starts to vanish. And that kind of power is pretty awesome to be a part of.

The dark current is cold and when a spirit or entity is manifested as a part of that darkness, it is just as solid as a human touch. And that energy is, in my experience, very slow in movement because it’s heavier than the divine energy. That doesn’t mean the divine energy is less solid than the darker equivalent, but it’s just not that slow. In contrast, it’s just like getting a severe sunburn because that kind of energy seems to absorb fluids within our skin. Likewise, in contrast to darkness, the divine energy is often more challenging for a spirit or entity to remain continuously, just because it’s very absorbing. Imagine a match getting lit as it burst bright before it slowly fades away. The divine energy works just like that.

The best way to approach darkness is by not thinking too much about it. Just embrace it, whether you’re ready or not.