The Cthonic path

let it be known this topic will be a journal for people to read about my spiritual journy, i will name demons and entities i work with as well as other stuff like rituals, dimensional gateways, and more. The post after this one will mark the first official entry.

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First let me begin on how i got into sorcery, my path began years ago i was very ignorant and foolish as well as very mad at the world, i had become homicidal and had made several attempts to kill people but everytime some force outside of myself stopped me and one night a spirit appeared before me and said to me my destiny lied outside of killing, so it told me to admit myself to a mental hospital it then hen on to say that once i am admitted into the hospital i will meet someone who will put me on the path to power and knowlege beyond the physical realm.

So i dmitted myself and 4 days later a girl walks in the room they kept us in before we were sent upstairs for incrceration for lack of a better word. Right away i could tell this was the person the spirit spoke of. So after sveral 1 or 2 weeks of lying and cheating my way out of the psych ward maybe longer i get discharged.

A month rolls by and i get a text from the girl i met in the hospital we talk for awhile and then i learn that this girl was not human but some spiritual entity possessing a human body. I thought well now ive seen everything you cant imagine how wrong i was.

This has been part 1 of my origin story tomorrow i will post part 2

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i apolagize for not posting im having trouble wording what i wan to say

im working on my next entry as i speak

also anybody reading this to say feel free commenting on my journal entries in the future all are welcome to share thoughts and experiences on this thread but keep in mind this is my journal so dont go crazy with comments

ive decided to post my visions for now