The cross of the kaballa (further information on expansion)

im making this thread to talk about an experience i go through whenever i use the aforementioned ritual.

the first section of the cross of the kaballa and the middle pillar ritual is the expansion of the astral body while standing upright in the circle (wand position).

this ,i think, is the entire point of both rituals. the expansion of the godself and then anchoring yourself at your greatest level of expansion. but there is more to learn from this process. and blockages to expansion that must be overcome.

at first when i began using this ritual i could only expand as far as the solar system…slowly but surely i began to expand further and further, until i expanded clear out of the physical universe itself.
i found myself in an unfamiliar realm, (might’ve been what christians call heaven) white light and cascading clouds surrounded me. i would reach up for the divine light and something strange would happen. the light of the divine would be blocked for a second…revealed only be the movement of a sort of circular gate.
in my first experiences with this formation i did not question this (i was a fool, but that’s ok) but after expanding right up next to it i started to see and hear something…it was the archangel Metatron (the voice of god) he was in control of this gate…his voice telling me “no” “go no further” “if you expand further you will be in great danger”. this sent my alarm bells ringing for days…i mean seriously, talk about a red flag.
i decided i would confront Metatron at his “gate” but when i expanded again, he was not there. the bright lofty clouds had turned dark and stormy and Azazel stood in Metatron’s place. (strange right?) this fucked with my mind for a bit so i decided i would ignore completely both of them and expand in spite of them. (best decision i ever made) as i passed Azazel i heard him laughing “hahahaha Noah fell for that trick for centuries hahahah…well done!”

with this trial completed i decided to expand onward. then a pressure fell upon my head, it forced me down for a bit, i rose against it with all my strength and it shattered. an astral glass ceiling of sorts… after passing through the glass ceiling i found myself standing before 3 gods of pure light. “onward sun of man” the one in the middle told me as he pointed upward. (in hindsight i should’ve realized that something was up…literally)
as i continued to expand i hit a major blockage…this one was real and not some trick being played by some spirit.

i found myself under a great stone. my astral body could not expand beyond it, i could not go around it. this kept me frustrated for months…i could call down divine light through it, but i could not pass beyond it.
after months of working on other magical operations did i find to secret to defeating the stone.
THE VIOLET FLAME. only after opening the gate of violet fire that exists within one of the kaballic spheres can one get past the stone. by transmuting my astral body into a pure column of violet fire i obliterated and disintegrated the stone, and my expansion could proceed.

beyond the stone i found myself in the void. a great emptiness lay before me, even though i grew and grew and expanded beyond and beyond, still i was in the void. but that did not deter me. expanding for what seemed like hours (actually only minutes) i expanded and was astonished to find myself in a great hall. it was circular and all around me were thrones, seated in each of these chairs was a god. lets just call this place “the hall of the gods” since i didn’t bother asking for the name of that place.

im just gonna stop here. there is more beyond this hall, but great and powerful guardians block the magician’s ascent. they will only let you pass if you speak the password. the password can be found in Thoth’s book “the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantian”.


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