The Craziest Experience To Date

Yesterday I was out running some errands and I went to the local grocery store. I had gotten the essentials and came to the line of refrigerators where the milk is stored. Right as they came into view, the doors of the refrigerators all slightly opened at once, lingered, and then shut. I stood there with my shopping cart, flabbergasted. I can’t come up with any alternative explanations for what happened and I wasn’t the only one who had seen it as I brought my friend along who was also speechless.


Seems like something is being mischievous, brings to mind the old saying: something wicked this way comes


very cool.

It’s so obvious now that I’ve looked back on last week’s journal entries. I had a distinct impression that my deceased friend had become a Disir or something similar to a Disir. I lit her candle and burnt some myrrh and lavender, asking for a sign if this was true. And boy have I been getting them. As soon as I realized this, most of the more intense poltergeist activity ceased.


It’s good that she’s has found her place in the spirit world ! It’s likely now that she’s probably able to draw power from her ancestors too


I believe that’s the case. She’ll be one hell of a guardian.


The natives tend to be brother :slight_smile: and you’re well worth the guarding

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