The Cost of Combat and Efforts Toward Peace

A post of multiple problems, hoping either for advice from the experienced members, or have this be a lesson in how not* to be for newer individuals.

TL;DR- I cannot stop fighting. In the astral, I consistently fight and kill things for the slightest provocation. This has become a problem, a majority of the time I don’t even recall. Checked with multiple reputable spirits and divination methods, I do* consistently travel whilst unconscious and react harshly to a most things seeking interaction.

-How do I ‘let go’ of the constant hostility and severe reaction to any perceived challenge from spirits?
-How do I ensure i do not unconsciously project into the astral realms?
-How could I practice or learn how to retain memory of unconscious projection?
-How does one humble themself or come to peace?
-Is there any way to negotiate peace with spirits that don’t want to negotiate?
-What entities specifically are reputed to teach peace and compassion?
-Which entities are reputable for training one in dreamwork and astral competency?
-How can one heal wounds and scars on their soul without having to call an entity for aid?

I’ve been away from this forum a long while, training and working hard to ensure the safety and longevity of myself and my spiritual family. In my early days, there were consistent problems with smaller and random parasites, and my decision to assist other people resolve their ‘problem hauntings’ certainly increased the amount of enemies I’ve had to confront. Hell, my first proper evocation was specifically to learn how to fight the things that kept scaring me. Having to constsntly fight for personal independence and sovereignty changed the way in which I viewed the spiritual realms. Due to irreconcilable disputes with a few entities, I’ve been basically on “high alert” for the past three years. I’ve had multiple attacks on my home, my spirits, myself, as well as getting caught off guard in the astral sometimes. They have been sophisticated, deceptive, relentless and cruel in all of our fights. I have lost many companion spirits, some I considered like immediate family, some were teachers of mine, some were very young spirits and students of ours.

I still live my life as normal, though with a little more paranoia than most. I consider the dangers ‘part of the job’, and something I knowingly and willingly accepted in deciding to continue my spiritual journey instead of ‘retiring’ from the practice as I was given opportunity to do. I have spiritual objectives and endeavors I strive toward in the brief times of peace, and would like to pursue more peaceful objectives. I do not know how to broker a peace between myself and those who have declared me and mine as enemy. I sincerely wish to bring a halt to the conflict, but thus far, the enemies have not desired peace. Moving forward, I wish to embrace and exhibit the virtues of patience, compassion and mercy, but I fear the constant warfare has left a very strong mark.

When I sleep, I go travel and interact with ‘my’ spirits. I do not do this intentionally, as I remain conscious though in a trance when purposefully projecting and communicating. While unconscious, it has been reported (consistently) that I am exceedingly violent, aggressive and ornery towards unfamiliar spirits. “Always looking for a fight, and if there isn’t one near you’ll keep going til you get one”. This along with my conscious battles has definitely taken a toll, some spiritual wounds even manifesting physically until I fix it or get help in fixing it. I do not remember my travels while sleeping, usually just vague memories of ‘I had a dream that was all combat’. Only the particularly rough ones ever stick out enough to be remembered fully, and a very small handful of exceedingly difficult duels where I became lucid mid-fight.

I’d known of this problem for a while, but didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until my friendly deities started chastising me, some refusing to answer summons. I’ve been in the practice for a while, I know those I’m familiar with and this is not deception or farce. All have told me I am arrogant, prideful and wrathful to extreme fault, belligerent, and ungrateful. I have become overconfident and rude due to my successes. My actions are breeding nothing but contempt and hostility, and continuing onwards in the same manner will make them cut ties. I have become a big enough problem that others (deities) have taken note. To me, it seems as though my conscious training, problem-solving and self defence is acceptable, but my unconscious blanket aggression towards anything unfamiliar is not at all.

I can understand that. My only objective so far has been to keep myself and my spirits alive, i never intentionally set out to just sow blood and pain on those who I don’t even know. I believe in striving for a better, higher, moral imperative that I’ve chosen, and then operating in accordance with that. I WANT to fix these problems. Some of the entities threatening to cut ties have been good teachers and friends for years now, their words aren’t falling on deaf ears, as I have certainty they wouldn’t ALL say relatively similar things without reason. I’ve been mulling the matter over, doing my damnedest to get to the psychological roots of the problems and solve them, but I’m hitting wall after wall.

So, I humble myself and ask for advice and direction from the seasoned individuals in how to solve this problem. I will consider every solution, practice, reference that will aid me in controlling the subconscious and bring me closer to embodying the peace, compassion and mercy that I desire to exhibit. I am chained by my wounds and wrath, and I must break those chains lest I lose everything I have strived to attain. I can feel remorse for the harm I’ve done, I’m not too far gone or feral, this problem can still be fixed.

All I can offer in return is thanks, and to leave this post as public in case anybody in the future has similar issues. I’m sorry I do not have more to give.


I’ve been dream journaling for awhile now and alot of what you have written I can relate somewhat to, so heres my thoughts on it all: ( this is going to get strange and unfamiliar to most people so if you don’t agree with what I’m saying; consider it all just a nice story).

Glad your still fighting, fighting is always better then being passive- if your astral body is still fighting and is still auto-fighting (even when you are not controlling it/possessing it through dreaming/astral projecting) that means it still has a strong will of its own and has not been completely soul extracted. Astral bodies that have been severely extracted from tend to lose their personality in the astrals and become automated, compliant, and robotic. Your astral body has probably been extremely traumatized (PTSD) because you fight for your freedom. Do you know who you are fighting? or who your true enemies are?

I found out that my battle is with the beings that hold my incarnation contracts, something i refer to as the beaucracy because the function like one.

The advise I was given was to “Let fear become knowledge”. You may be attacking out of fear and not knowing. So you must train yourself to “know your situation” when you pop into your astral body. What I did was repeat that as i go to sleep- "let fear become knowledge, let fear become knowledge… You can practice different techniques for reading the environment/situation that you pop into in the astrals, like say "Downloading situation!, or Detect entities! Detect true motives! Basicly some command or technique that can gather you info, like ki pulses, or like echolocation, that can ping you back information on your environment and the beings there.

Your astral body will do what it wants to do while you are not possessing it. Don’t feel guilty for what it decides to do on its own. For the most part it is very intelligent, ALOT more knowledgeable then we are, so whatever it decideds to do it does so for a very good reason. The astral body is the subconscious mind that acts on its own in the astrals. We can control it while dreaming or with practice through meditation.

In my opinion, if you attack spirits and you do kill them, its their fault for not being sufficiently trained and for interacting with you carelessly knowing that you are constantly on guard fighting for your freedom. They will get pissed off of course, so be it, we have to be fighting, and we will occassionally kill an ally on accident or mistake someone for the wrong side; its just bound to happen. Its sad when it does but we will honor them by continuing our fight to freedom so their sacrifices toward assisting us dosnt go unwasted.

Yea it is sad when that happens, people, and spirits, gods will die and it may be our fault but people live and die every day (we’ve lived and died more times then can be remembered) we have to continue with our true goals and objectives. I was taught that freedom, power, and knowledge are worthy goals.

So, people who don’t show up in the astrals are know as “people who are never on” . They don’t project to the astrals because they fill their lives with so much media, music and looping thoughts, looping comercials, looping commands- so much stuff they literally live in their mindscape at night. They are basically hypnotized by themselves and outside commands. And remain in that state all night.

You will always go to the astrals when you have broken out of your mindscape. I don’t know a way to not project to the astrals when you already do it. But to be aware and conscious when you project, you can
~make a dream belt with a stone fitted over your stomach and keep it tight during the night (it will protect your will and keep your soul locked up so noone is taking anything from you
~Go to sleep repeating a simiple command in your mind like- detect environment…
~sleep in a position that could keep you half awake, like a lazy boy chair
~sleep with one or 2 knees up or against a wall
~sleep holding a favorite crystal or weapon in your hands
~if you want to fight less then instead of a weapon sleep with eye of horus in your hand- too remind you to detect and see your environment

To remember you just need to sleep more, and have a dream journal; if you nap during the day you will remember more since you may not be as tired and your minds more awake. And getting lots of sleep can decrease stress and improve a person’s mood.

Making time for inner silence helps, when we let our lives get overfilled we exhaust our essence; so i’d say simplify your life, know that in the end we are all alone in the universe, so you have to look out for yourself first and formost. And if people don’t support you spiritual journey then they need to leave your life. Lucifer called it disentagleing a person’s life one knot at a time without breaking the thread, disentangling a person’s life so they can become god. Make a list of things you absolutly have to do and other things you think you have to do that drain you, and get more free time back so you can feel clear, and have time for your occult pursuits and work.

I experience peace by a technique of breathing and not breathing. Making time to do the yoga fire breath, dragon breathing, or frog breathing, ( pretty simple crouch like a frog, breath in deeply and slowly and exhale quickly in a relaxed manner for 20 times, then in one fluid motion, inhale hold your breath quickly stand up and push your clasped hands on your sternum while leaning against a wall. you may pass out or you may just feel ki and tingling sensations all over your body, (on youtube i think its called space monkey challenge - but dont be put off by the name its helped me alot to experience cosmic bliss and reach a place of no thoughts or inner silence.

(In my opinon) Not really, speak politely and carry a big stick I always say,. Generally you always want to be polite in the astrals, can avoid alot of s* by that. And a good rule is to train yourself to NOT SPEAK in the astrals as most of our mistakes happen because of something we said.

I personally believe that peace and compassion are programed words used to disempower us from our primal powers. If spirits are saying peace and compassion to you then be suspicious, they are probably f* ing you over. Some practises center on peace and compassion like christianisty and buddism (but from what I’ve heard) they are the ones that get f*ed the hardest in the afterlife. Peace is knowing who you really are. And experiencing who you really are.

Really don’t know that one, everything i learned i learned by myself and from the advise of a plethra of spirits and forums such as these. But The Art of Dreaming is a great read. Dreaming and astral projection take years on average to perfect, and I would only trust people who acutally have years of experience working with it, and not all the books; so to get tips I check out reddit or forums where people share their personal experiences instead of theories.

Well, our soul’s are going to get shredded, thats the reality of astral living until we break out to freedom (could be we reconnect with some astral species, goddesses or gods that dosnt extract or control souls excessively)- (in my case; its escaping some astral beuacracy that holds the physical life and astral contracts). Instead of working with just one entity, I was told to “light a candle to all the goddesses and gods I can think of every night.” So in my case to heal my soul stuff I literally am petitioning everyone and everything accept (the monothesitic gods).

Your soul naturally heals through breathing, inner silence, sleeping, and basicly doing less. The death of the soul is when it literally explodes from emotions, like a light bulb exploding into a thousand pieces. To prevent that and heal the soul, inner silence, healing breaths and breathing techniques are needed. Also you can do a guided meditation to retrieve lost parts of yourself- I visualize picking up glowing fragments inside my mindscape and reinserting them into the mainframe of my being.

This may sound like alot, but these are just suggestions and my take on it all


Aggression and malice evolve from fear. What fears arise from your perception of these challenges?

I believe this is a power that demons in particular are naturally attuned to, but regardless, set the intention in a magickal way and accept that it will work. This sort of thing can happen habitually, so you have to release any grasping or aversion towards this and let yourself feel indifferent towards it. You know you don’t want to do it, but when it happens, be chill about it and re-affirm your intention. Eventually your mind will re-wire itself if you consciously and intentionally remove the emotional push and pull that makes this occur. The more attention you give it, the more it will happen, regardless of the emotion associated with it. Hatred may make you want to destroy it, but even if it is destroyed, if your hatred remains so will what you hate.

Astral projection is not my forte, but with dreams it’s just practicing recall through journaling, so a similar practice may help. Meditation can also increase your overall moment-to-moment awareness, even in states such as sleep, which normally seem unconscious.

I think this depends on the individual. If you normally tend towards ego-inflation, then find the fear that causes this and remind yourself of the true facts of the situation. This often causes the fear to go away, and so there is no ego-inflation. If you tend towards ego-deflation, and so become wrathful as a result of feeling inadequate, again find the fear and realize that it has no substance or solid foundation.

At a certain point, I think you really only have two options here - fight or leave. Fighting can bring the situation to a state where the other side is open to peace. Or there will be no other side, and so what has disrupted your peace is no more.

All spirits I have undertaken pathworkings with have ultimately given me greater peace. That being said, angels tend to have a more peaceful energy, although not always, and this largely depends on the state of your mind and emotions and what is needed for you to grow and evolve as a magickal being.

There are many. I practice dream yoga, and in my practice I work with Enochian spirits and powers as well as teachings and concepts from Buddhism, Dzogchen, Bön, and other spiritual traditions. There are demons that can help with dreams and astral experiences as well as angels and other types of spirits. This is really more about what sort of energy you want to summon.

If you set this intention, that can work. The more integrated magick is into your being, the more powerful any of your intentions will be.

Habitual tendencies can be difficult to change, but change is possible if you commit yourself to it and accept that it can be done.

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