The Cosmic Judge

Before you all try to debunk this based on my title, I’m not referring to anything to do with karma or an angry god, or anything like that.

One night, I had the inspiration to summon the Cosmic Judge even though I’d never really heard of such a being - this was during a working where I was struggling because of my false self. Then I was inspired to put my false self on trial for her crimes. I found myself in a court, which looked just like a traditional court on Earth, facing a stern looking human judge who was male, older, grey hair, wig, glasses, etc. Then he passed sentence and told my false self she would die in the lake of fire.

Lately I needed to receive justice and I was inspired out of the blue to call upon the Cosmic Judge to bring me justice. So I did. I just addressed the Universe and requested the attention of the Cosmic Judge. I found myself in a court, facing the same judge.

I requested that he see the truth of the matter, unbiased, and he did. I didn’t try to colour or distort it, or present it in a certain light. I told him I wanted him to see what really happened and to see who was really responsible. He did this.

Then he sentenced my enemy. I don’t know what the sentence was.

I repeated this for each enemy. The same thing happened, he sentenced them. I don’t know what the sentences were.

Then he told me that I would receive justice.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t know who or what the Cosmic Judge was until today. I received the assistance of the Old Ones for a serious matter, and there I saw the Cosmic Judge in charge.

I decided to do some investigating, and I asked him, who are you? What are you? I heard a voice say, “Lovecraftian…” After a bit of questioning and examining, it turns out the Cosmic Judge is one of the Old Ones. He said, “We are the Universe.”

It’s in my nature to question things, and be a bit skeptical. But there are things about this being that convinces me that he is real. For example, one of the times I was talking to the Cosmic Judge, face to face, I was very angry about a situation. When I looked into the Cosmic Judge’s eyes, the love and compassion that was there, was palpable. Like, it was unmistakable. It touched me at my core. That’s real.

I’m sure the Cosmic Judge isn’t really called that, but I have no idea what he’s really called.


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Great Post, usually the cosmic judge is the planet Saturn :slight_smile:

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