The core of Earth

It seems that the Earth has a heart. Her core is pulsating every 26 seconds. Anyone here working with the spirit of Mother Earth? What meditations are best to reach her in spirit?


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just a tip, earth is mahinery, not a spirit :slight_smile:

I was reading that same article too from another forum, and i came to conclusion, that if it has been known for 60 years to powers that claim to be, it is not same 26 cycle anymore since its made public :slight_smile:

have good time searching/tracking truth

Grounding helps you connect with the earth, if you mean mother earth as in Gaia or any other earth mother Goddess or earth father God then that’s a bit different.


@Rav, I would love to help you with this. My meditations are a little bit off the wall right now!

Grounding is good. Would you like me to describe what I do? Or would you like me to do some research on some other methods?

I’d be happy to do this for you.



Google “Energy Feilds”

I think its Gaia, but I think I’m wrong there

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You’re not wrong, but there are more than just Gaia, there’s Geb the earth father, Enki father earth, Kishar mother earth, and so on.

and Ki paired with An :slight_smile:



How you know this? :shushing_face:

why you are ignorant :slight_smile:

and back to the topic, nowhere were said that it was core that was pulsating, it was just said that it comes from inner parts of earth… “core of earth” is clickbait.


One who keeps silenco doesn’t mean she’s ignorent, @KRA.

Then again, I don’t have time for drama and name calling.

I have grapes in my fridge and today, a picture of grapes smushed by a Goddess of the elite and most certainly, knowledgeable in her areas of study showed up today.

:sparkling_heart: Love is the only way.

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Back on topic!

I’m now hushed.

Oh Yeah I would love to try some earth Meditation, hear her heartbit, maybe connect more as just through grounding. This theme seems very important and has lots of Ascension potential

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This is so totally awesome, it’s like an embrace of darkness

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