The Cool Music Thread



Ozzy- Rock and Roll Rebel

They live their lives in fear and insecurity
And all you do is pay for their prosperity
The ministry of fear that won’t let you live
The ministry of grace that doesn’t forgive
Do what you will to try and make me conform
But i’ll make you wish that you had never been





For every lovesick/lovestruck little bird today. Don’t @me, sometimes I can be romantic, too!





Silence rules
Spineless fools
You’ll never learn, never learn
Never learn to break away



let’s say an imperial bird of paradise brought this kind of sounds to me

“Brighter Death Now” - “No Pain”

Not really as mainstream, but I just love the atmosphere
I’m so in love with this dark noise sound

I am hoping to find someone who can enjoy this madness as much as I do



Fertile is the mind tilled with steel
Idle the hand abandoned in drought
Dream seed in antediluvian abysm
Eyes to be cauterized with light
Rumblings 'neath the frosts of Terra Nova
Skin cleansed by a sea of Icarian fire
Fates shift 'tween the sundered palms of belief
Strange fruits accorded the furrows of Id

Face aflame
Afront eureka
Flesh be tamed
By the gaze of Medusa
Shattered sky
Blazing Orion
The shadow yield
Existential explosion

I am the night
I am the fist
A thunderbolt of flaming wisdom
A hammer at dawn
A kiss at dusk
Bequeath thine womb and thine heart
May we ascend unto the stars

Psyche be ye rocked by thunderous laws
Scorched throat when breathing the spears of the gods
Pillars of oak fuck the hymen of Ego
Pantheon laid waste by a mortal orgasm



It looks like my taste in music is mostly different from the majority but what the hell, here are some songs I enjoy.

This one’s kinda weird but that drop :heart_eyes:




I little Balkanian culture especially for you - westerners. :smiley: