The Cool Music Thread


@Jpj Love his work. He always crushes it with those those eerie soundscapes.


Felt like some classic old school us death this evening




some classic old school homosexual pop song for all of us


I love this song tbh…
Thanks for showing me some great music.


Magickal, if you dare to feel it.


Glad to see someone posting Greek songs :wink: Psarantonis is a great artist, very mystical



He is!!!


Daemonia nymphe is athereal!!!


No need to thank me :v:
It’s all good :+1:


i LOVE the power and desperation in nergals vocals. especially in this bastardization of the apostles creed


Mythodea, the official music of the mission involving the spacecraft 2001 Mars Odyssey


:joy: I can appreciate a crude sense of humor :ok_hand:


Best band in the world! (For my taste) :wink:


COIL Worship The Glytch. Time Machines is a great album too.


One for my dark Qliphotic sisters and brothers



One of my music in my native language that I prefer :

"You forget that the Earth turns alone,
You make a commitment, but it is on facebook to have a rant,
Me, I create my world before changing it."

“A being changes but not a soul.”