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For all the Lilith lovers out there, because we are the Children Of The Revolution:

The lyrics might sound ridiculous, but dig deeper and you might find that the song is about criticism of materialism, and that many people are hiding behind their shiny cars and money. That also explain the chorus of “…but you won’t fool the children of the revolution.”.


Kinda the mood for today:


Helvegen - Wardruna
Battle cry - Claire Guerreso
So long - Everlast

Last one is when I’m royally angry and I simply share my anger worldwide :wink:
sharing and caring :heartpulse:
*There’s a fire raging on inside under my skin
Hear the glass as it shatters yeah its breaking
Like my bones but not my soul no
I am not the one who is gonna to be fading
There must be a better place away for me
No I won’t give up I will die searching
For a brighter sun a bigger sky a better place to live this life
I’m fighting
I’m fighting
Till I win this war


Just a couple days ago, on the news I heard
A four month old baby raped and murdered
What the f*** is wrong with you, you can’t find a hooker
Did you feel like a big strong man when you took her?

Don’t look for mama, she knew he was a pedo
She thought it would turn them on the text said so
You f****** sorry b****, that was your kid
Your own flesh and blood that you threw in the wolves den

These bastards are just the latest ones
Worthless motherfukers killing daughters and sons
Drown them in the bathtub or toss them in a microwave
All black Souls Gods can never save

Chorus / hook
I can stab you in the chest but that would be too quick
Go to work with razor give my soul a lift
I know that the cops and the courts would be against us
But trust me motherfuker this is true Justice.

I know a little girl, touched by her dad
Couldn’t even go to work cuz I was so mad
Wanted nothing more than to blow his ass away
Reason he’s alive cuz I promise I made

To a friend at work as I walked out the door
Let the cops handle it as what I was told
So I grit my teeth as the court stepped in
Sorry motherfuker never see his girl again

Don’t try to tell me that you were drunk
That’s just an excuse b**** you wanted to f***
Nobody forced you to walk in the room
And introduce a Sleeping Angel to Doom

All the angels in heaven the demons in hell
They will not save your ass once you get to jail
All the tru thugs and gangstas will come against you
Who wants to get their hands on your ass you’re through

Repeat chorus

There is no amount of pain that you can go through
To match what you did to the angel that trusted you
Tie you up and hang your ass upside down
Put you underwater until you damn near drown

Pull you back up give you some air
Try begging for mercy b**** I ain’t going to care
Best thing for all of you is to grab the gun
Put the Barrel in your mouth squeeze the trigger have fun

A personal song I wrote. I never put it to music, mainly due to the simple fact that I can’t do music.




Exactly the mood …





I actually make music heavily magick inspired:

I hope posting my own stuff’s allowed. ^^;



Tribute and Reminder. For my Ancestor’s massacre in Smyrna, 13 - 17 September 1922






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