The Cool Music Thread


:joy::joy: yea!




I’m just listening to a ton of black metal since it can influence left hand path urges and it just sounds really fucking good :metal:


black metal grind core hardcore punk and thrash metal are my go to jams. also like trippy electronic psytrance and industrial for meditation.


Proper way to start my day makes my skin shiver. :grin::metal:


This may not be strictly music but it has music as a background for the subliminals which is cool to listen to. I do love the guys videos! This one is neat sounding and may actually help if you have memory issues or lost some of them. :wink: :kissing_heart:


I’m in love with bard or medieval music much of the time! haha!!


Jeff loomis kicking arses


also type o negative is my jam along with goth shit like the cramps and sisters of mercy


Dude Jeff is the reason I still play guitar. And also my inspiration to become as decent as I have



I had a poltergeist experience while listening to black metal at 3 am one time. I remember I was kind of wondering to what degree the musician was an occultist, and then something really weird happened and I looked at the song title and the occult imagery in the booklet and it all made sense. So I saw it as a pretty strong sign that it is a truly spiritual and powerful music.
Edit: and I also realized what time it was after the strange supernatural event occurred



I don’t feel like myself anymore
I run my fingers over open sores
Self administered lethal injection
Snow white powder in my reflection
Watch it dissolve into hallucinations
I can see it all in clouded visions
I want so much to cause this pain
I want so much more to take it away
I leave a white trail of life for death to follow
Had to get high to get so low
Bury myself in sorrow

Had to fill my veins to feel so hollow
Toxify to realize
That deep inside it’s all a lie
It feels so good I want to die
Don’t care enough to say goodbye
The razor takes two forms of agony
One is clouded, one is sanity
Drag it along the veins I polluted
My thoughts are clean, the blood is diluted
I don’t care what kills me as long as I die
Take it away, can’t live another day
Sometimes I don’t even feel like myself anymore
I run my fingers over bruising skin and open sores
I can’t believe I never thought of this way out before
In a pool of blood I lay near death upon the floor
Heightened contempt for all the things about myself I hated
Tighten my fists, and hold my breath until the feelings faded
Every alternate path to sate my wrath’s been contemplated
It seems of all life offers, death is the least complicated
I don’t care what kills me as long as I die


The hearts ov man stand open
'Tis harvest ov my gospel
Ignite phosphorus seeds
Bleed Prometheus, bleed!

Rua Elohim!
And the heavens trembled as I fell from above
No grace, no glory, no bliss from beyond
O how I miss fertile rays ov Sun

Upadłem na Twe podobieństwo
Ja karzeł niebios
Babilon i wilk
Winem rynsztoka spity jak pies
Ciemniejszej strony księżyca Syn

The hearts ov man stand open
'Tis harvest ov my gospel
Ignite phosphorus seeds
Bleed Prometheus, bleed!

Emerge I shall
From vessel ov the broken heart
Who am I?
Twixt chaos and god - a deathless tie

Rua Qadosh!
And the holy whore swept me up from her cunt
Licking my wounds I craved the blood
Stranded with naught but pain and lies

Ja duch sprzeczności
Ze światem walczę
By zrzucić jarzmo niewoli
Przeklęta niech będzie Golgota!
I owoc marności twojej - Syn Boży!


Dark ambient music


Here’s one by my band that is a great all guns blazing I finally see through your bullshit so you had better watch your back song called Blindside.