The Cool Music Thread


i like it almost as much as “medousa”


i wanna bleed the black goo from my eyes,
and create the black lake of sitra ahra anew



Is Nickelback singing about a succubus? In the Nickelback’s “How you Remind Me”, it shows a hot woman that appears and disappears throughout the video.

Or, it could be an ex. You decide.


On and off again lover that he fell for but doesn’t quite feel the same way as he does.


Istvan Sky and Estas Tonne are fucking awesome. Really helped me open my heart center/ chakra whatever. Have you seen istvan skys movie I forgot what it’s called… I’ll find it and link it here because i feel it’s appropiate considering it’s half music. Seriously this was a part of the beginning of my magical awakening.

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How do you make the picture show of the YouTube video… my link didn’t… Weird.


When you’re done typing your comment skip a space and post the video link two lines below the last line you wrote. It will show up then.


Thanks! It worked !


Check out this band I stumbled across. They’re called Behemoth.



This cools me down when the AC isnt working



A song I’m making with a friend. Just recording while free styling some lyrics. Work in progress. But its coming along <3



Yep sophomore year in high school, one of the weirdest years ever but the music was nicer then… boy this dates me all to H. :grin:

this is even older but… this tune got a Grammy award. :wink: RIP Chet. :sparkling_heart: he sparkles my heart for sure, will never forget his wonderful picking style… none better imho.

“Alone and Forsaken”


ELECTRIC WIZARD ??? YOU. YOU. Fuck ALWAYS; Hahahaha no seriously we really have the same exact fucking artists in common.


We’re just fuckin’ badasses. Haha. Electric Wizard is one of my favorites, for sure… So damn heavy.


for those who are into Norse Magick, you should listen to Wardruna, it’s just amazing.