The Cool Music Thread

Does anybody like good shadow working songs, for paiin and death? Well I sure do :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh dude I’m getting stonedd

I think this song just changed life, I want to hear this song whenever I die.

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Excellent article @Timothy thank you for sharing it!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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I was a black metal purist when I was growing up. I still listen to it to this day, not that it actually aligns with Lucifer… But I love it. I relatively recently started listening to rap and trance as well haha. Good stuff.

I created dark ambient when I was in highschool. And it was at that time when I did black metal vocals for a band that didn’t really know what bm was haha… Fun times.

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“8 hours or so of Sleep is a necessity for all mankind!”

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Achachak is a Croatian stoner rock band from Vučipolje, Croatia.
I enjoy their guitar riffs which are very heavy and funky.

Italian band Cult of Zuma, made this song a while back.
Intense Female vocals to make yourself shiver. I know It impressed me. Still does.
Heavy/doom metal.