The Cool Music Thread

Was browsing spotify one day when i had the sufden urge to search Dantalion and see if any music or bands with the same name comes up
And came across this

It has names of multiple demons as track list and they’ all seem to be random clips of short music
What is also weird is it was uploaded THE SAME DAY i thought about searching and had no views at all?
Kinda thought it was a weird coincidence but kinda cool

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Mephorash - Covid-19 Live Performance (Full Show) - YouTube

Deep black magic topics, in a forest.
A must see.

Puscifer - “Fake Affront” (Official Video - from “Existential Reckoning: Live at Arcosanti”)

Intressting sigil work behind them.

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Ojos de brujo

This calms me

Current mood

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