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That last one is false though 'cause we only truly hurt the ones we love :wink:


Allow me to disagree. We truly can hurt anyone, but the ones we hurt the most are the ones who love us, even if we don’t love them. :slight_smile:

This may sound “evil” but it’s true, to hurt someone and cause maximum damage, you don’t hurt your enemy first, you attack and destroy whatever or whoever they love, first. Then you finish them last. That’s how you truly hurt them from the inside out.

Our love, only affects us, not anybody else.

When someone suggests to me, “love your enemy”, then in my opinion they are absolute idiots or they are my enemies.


Nah. One time I saw a guy hit another guy with a monkey wrench. Neither loved each other, and the receiver still sit’s in a wheelchair drooling on himself while his poor family has to wheel his bitch ass around. That hurt many people and there was not a hint of love in it, lol.


Don’t be so sure of that. lol


Back, mortals!

Trolls are everywhere, in every form.






Dude, the one with the person in the bath, why would you say ‘bye’ like the scrub did. She took the time to pose her feet behind her head so she looked like shrek kinda, that’s marriage material right there.


:joy: Totally agree. 100% marriage material :grimacing:


My duty to take care of the booty


Now i c why most left hand path practitioners prefer to date a right hand path practitioner

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