The cool memes thread


It might be, but it seems like there’s a lot of enjoyment also


Eh, hippos will be hippos.











I had to go looking up hippo teeth just to find out. Today on BALG forum, we learn hippopotamus dentistry! :smiley:


What did you find?


That they sweat red stuff, people used to mistake it for blood, and do have massive bottom canine-like teeth.


Hmm… That first parts odd.


Her name is St. Veronica.


Thank you, I had no idea :grinning:


Yeah, I thought not. It’s common knowledge for Catholics because she makes up one of the twelve stations of the cross. The story goes that, moved by pity for Jesus’ sorry state, she removed her veil and wiped the blood and sweat from his face, then his divine power imprinted upon it creating a relic known simply as the, “Veil of Veronica”. The original ended up in Rome where it remains today.


That’s why. I used to be Orthodox Christian, but not that religious to begin with. I find those kind of stories about the people surrounding Jesus, very interesting. Thanks for sharing the info, appreciated :slight_smile:


Geez, you two should get a room. Just let me watch, k?