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Not quite a meme, but does anybody remember the Bremen town-musicians?


I might be wrong but…

I was in a school play in kindergarten, I remember playing a mule who (with a chicken and a dog) helped scare off robbers.

Is this that play?


It’s not a mule, it’s a donkey. There might be different versions of the story out there, but the original tale is by who else than Brothers Grimm. It’s about poorly treated animals who run away from their owners and meet each others on their way to Bremen and decide to start a band together. I remember liking it a lot as a kid. Not sure about which ending is the right one tho…





How it feels using grimoire conjurations when you, yourself, are not a Christian.


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Yes, to Bremen Town Musicians

That’s a fairy story as well. A different one. If I find it I’ll post the reference. The robbers enter the house in the dark and think they’re being attacked by a demon with cats claws, a donkeys kick, a dogs teeth and it makes the sound of a cockerel… something like that. The bandits run away and the animals keep the ‘haunted’ house to themselves.




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