The cool memes thread


I see we have a memes thread but is locked. Let’s have this thread were we can post memes.
It can be funny memes or my favorite occult memes
Or memes to express your self

Is Memetic Magick The Most Relevant?
Is Memetic Magick The Most Relevant?


The Dank Memes thread is just in the lounge. This is redundant.


I search for a thread memes before I created this but could not find it…


I am sorry my phone is being ridiculous I am trying so hard not to smash it…


Do they have memes in hell?


Memes are awsome! They should have it everywhere :smile::metal:


That is because it is in the Lounge, an area accessible only to those who have been around long enough to have Regular status, I think so that it does not show up on a Google search due to some of the 18+ nature of what gets posted.

As @Epsilon_The_Imperial said this is a redundant thread, and I considered moving it to the Lounge, but that would make it inaccessible to @BeastCreature who opened it so I will leave it up to @Lady_Eva as to whether it should be moved, left in the General section, or deleted as a duplicate thread.


Ok makes sense, thank you for clearing that up.


Hail Lord Satan!







How cats summon crazy old womans to do their bindings? I knew there is something dark up with cats.



And why not have a non regular meme thread? I’m sure there are people that wish to post/see But can because it’s in the lounge if this stays Pg-13 I personally see no reason as to why it can’t be here aswell



Just wanted to chime in, the reason the other meme thread is in the lounge is because it is specifically dank memes.

Some of the things I post on the other thread are incredibly insensitive, offensive, etc… Just wanted to help you understand why the other thread is “hidden”, so to speak.


I understand but like I said as long as this one stays PG I don’t see a problem


And that is why it has not been moved to the Lounge by anyone. I @Lady_Eva 'd about it a couple of days ago and she hasn’t moved it either so it should be alright for now.


TMW @Lady_Eva becomes a verb. XD