The continuing education of Mike B - A Professionals Diary

6-19-22 806 am

I want to talk about clairaudience for a minute. Everyone thinks this is some magickal ability you were either born with or not. I’m going to tell you right now that’s bullshit.

You can hear and communicate with spirits if you train your mind how. Actually to tell you truth you’ve been hearing the subtle world your whole life but you don’t know how to recognize it.

It took me 19.5 years to begin truly developing this. And honestly I haven’t mastered it but I’ve made a great deal of progress.

If a magician doesn’t know how to train thier mind with proper methods ( ones that actually work) it will take years before this faculty opens on its own ( unless you’re really lucky or have past life experience I think).

This is a link to the chapter in my free ebook on the method I teach my students. This WORKS! It took one student two and a half months of training three times a week with my method but he has had great progress and big breakthroughs.

Im going to tell you straight up:. There is no substitute for hard work! You must be willing to practice this without the slightest of encouraging phenomenon for a good while before this starts to happen for you. But if you do the work you will see results.

There are plenty of other methods out there besides the one I teach and endorse and some of those methods are good too. Some are junk. Paraphrasing the words of famous occult author Ophiel…if a method or teaching is not producing results it doesn’t matter how fond of it we are, it needs to go in the trash where it belongs.

So I only go with what I know works for sure.

Now another facet of this is…“can I still evoke a spirit and get results without being able to hear or interact with it?”

Yes! Of course you can. It does feel silly though giving your charge or request to an invisible being that you aren’t quite sure is there, but if you’re confident and torpedo your own working with doubts then yes you can be successful at evocation without your clairs open or fully functional.

The reason I’m on this soap box today is because of the amount of inquiries I get related to clairaudience and obviously evocation.

I hope my readers understand what I’m saying. If anyone has questions or comments on this topic please post it here.


Im here if you need anything as well. You are surrounded by people who love you so don’t feel afraid :heart: you’re also incredible powerful on your own so I have faith in you. The best piece of advice that i can give Is that no matter how bad it feels it won’t last forever. Your brain will eventually normalize. Also I am Consistently able to help myself during tough times by remembering that whatever is in front of you is there for your benefit and to make you stronger. If there is something that is causing you pain or Strife there is always a way to use its better yourself in some way.

Like i said I am here for you if you need anything. You got this man!


That’s a good attitude bro, a winning attitude, I’ll remember that. Thank you for the kind words.


If there’s anything I can help you with, you know where to find me.


Thank you very much @Onion


I love your work .


Thank you @Stan_Andrei I appreciate your feedback. It makes my efforts here on Balg rewarding.


6-20-22 436 Am

Spirit of the day

The Duchess Gremory

This card appeared here last week. When a card comes up two or three times in close succession it usually means a spirit is watching me, interested in what I’m doing, wants to work with me or just wants to be talked about.

I’m thinking thats the case here.

I’m going to tell you. I don’t do alot of love related magickal workings. I was supremely successful ( a home run) with Duchess Gremory in the past for a friend but my results with other spirits such as Sallos and zepar have been lackluster at best. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my love magick abilities to be frank. I do have some great results with Amon too though.

I know that’s just in my head and I need to get over it, find what is going to work for me, a winning formula of low magick and spirit work presumably and then hurdle this obstacle.

I think for me Sitri, Furfur, and Duchess Gremory and Amon are my go to love spirits.

Ok today is a going to be a real humdinger of a day. I’ve got a channelling session scheduled for today. I’m not going to reveal the spirit or anything else about the operation because I consider my work confidential between client, spirit and myself. That is an inviolable principal in practice.

I’m ready, and I’m excited. I’ve had a good night’s sleep. The offerings are ready, the temple warm, inviting and immaculate. This is what I live for.

Reader, stop thinking about it and start doing it. Chase your passion, make it real. Live your dreams. Peace out, for now :v:


Dawn’s light
The Temple of Mike B


Like it. I may have the space, but I don’t have that scenery!


6-20-22 1151 am

Ok I finished my project this morning. The evocation, possession and channelling of Duke Dantalion.

I can’t talk specifics with you because of my professionalism but this is a story that NEEDS to be told to our community.

This was the single greatest evocation I’ve ever performed. His presence and manifestation came on so strong so powerfully that at first I felt fear. I was frightened by just how how strong this spirit in my temple was.

Then I remembered I am an initiate of Qlippoth and welcomed him with open arms.

I did everything I normally do on an Evocation (see mike bees evocation guide) with one additional step.

I have my own method of inviting possession that is very similar to @Teras390 method.

I added this from VK jehennum

Release the forces of the black plane of chaos!
Saturate the universe with the darkness of Qlippoth!
Rend the veil and let the infernal Majesty be witnessed by those I afford my hospitality and friendship and those I seek to annihilate and destroy.
May the mighty demon X arose and take hold of my vessel and manifest your gnosis through my heart.
Shine the blacklight and grant me apotheosis.
Place your mantle of power upon me and take hold of my body and mind.

“Zendaggon, Ensallat, Zornassen, Iztara”

Spirit, fiend, divinity, teacher let the frailty of the mortal coil wither in your darksome radiance.
Inhabit my flesh and elevate my consciousness!
Refine my spirit!
So let it be!
Amen X 7

This was a VERY powerful calling. If you try this be prepared to get what you’re asking for. But, you gotta say it with conviction. Put some balls on your racket :tennis: and get it cracking!

When Dantalion came into my body I felt like I was a candle burning. The energy was unbelievable. My skin was so hot and dry! No sweating though.

It lasted a half-hour and when it was over I was sooo spent.

Dantalion is truly an incredible powerhouse of the Goetia.

I’m grateful I got to experience that.



I’ll do spirit of the day later.

I’m on the road to Manila.

Something just hit me.

In the words of Nas

Dig way deep inside yourself
Discover the diamond inside
Find your wealth
Once you get it
You got live it and live it
Haters never want to see with it
But, fuck them though


6-21-22 706 pm

I’m home from the city it was a good trip I saw some friends.

Tonight I’ve got healing work and baneful work on my schedule.

The baneful work is with a spirit I’ve really been jiving with. Abaddon.

The card of today btw is

Baphomet The magician

This card represents the goat of Mendes I believe “solve ey coagula”. This is an alchemical formula meaning something must be destroyed before it can be built up .

Pleasant day.


6-22-22 406 am

Spirit of the day

Ive been working with Dr Buer and Marbas frequently lately. I see Buer as an 18th century physician in a white lab coat with a monocle in his squinting eye.

I don’t know why I got that image but that’s how I connect with him.

He serves very quickly and doesn’t bullshit me with excessive optimism. Typically he’ll tell me how serious a malady is, if he can fix it, and how long recovery will take.

I don’t think he’s been wrong yet actually.

Today should be a relaxing day. I don’t have any ritual work planned except for a dawn healing rite.

Thursday will be busy though and this Saturday too.

That’s just how this business is. It’s spotty it’s feast or famine. The god news is I was told that I work in this business for seven years my repeat and referral clientele will be able to support me fully.

I’m very excited by the amount of repeat and referral business I’m already getting. I can’t change the world but I can try.


6-22-22 64am

Finished my healing ritual.

I want to say I don’t work with much with the angels, I think my readers know this. In fact last year I cut them out of my life and my practice completely. I no longer trust them or what they represent or serve. All except Archangel Michael.

When I made this move Archangel Michael said “Are you sure you’ve thought this through? "
I said “yes, I have and my decision is final.ans until further notice.”
He said " Well, if you get in over your head and you need a hand you know where to find me, I respect your decision although it disheartens me”.

Now I haven’t needed to reach out to him because I’m getting along with the spirits I do work with very well. I’ve accepted my place and position in this arrangement and I’m very satisfied so far. But this is magick and spirit work. Things can change fast, they can go from sugar to shit real fast on you if you aren’t really careful with the infernal. I understand that. You should too. That’s not alarmist, that’s knowing who and with what you’re dealing with, character… character.

As you know I recently began a healing rite for a young woman who was injured seriously. I knew intuitively that I needed to get the right spirit on the job here. That was archangel Raphael. Not that I don’t trust the demons it’s just with the religious background she had it will be easier for her to deal with heavenly energies of an angel rather than an infernal spirit.

I would not normally do this but she is the exception to my rule.

On pondering this I decided that I do in fact have the authority to work with the angelic side of the spectrum. What good is my authority if I never excercise that authority? What good is power, the power to change what you think is wrong without conscience.

I won’t make a habit of this though. Not because I worry about offending or making the infernal spirits I’m in league with angry either. When it comes to my practice I am the BOSS! I’m never going to accept being dictated to what spirits I can and can’t associate with. My birthright is the ability to commune with any spirit in the universe at my will and pleasure. I’ve earned that too, the hard way, just like every else who walked this path before me did too. I certainly reserve my rights and won’t be pushed around or pressured by any spirit, God, Djinn, elemental, nature spirit, celestial or infernal being.

In my temple and in my practice I am the biggest God. You are too, in yours. Don’t forget that.
Breathe and let it flow through you.

I am LHP


6-23-22 932 am

Today I woke up tired, sore and hungry. Guess that’s just the way the ball bounces some days.

Spirit of the day

Marquis Amon

OMG I love this spirit. Amon is absolutely one of the BEST reconciliation spirits in the game. He hits hard like a truck. He can also manipulate love and an infatuation with ease. If you haven’t done business with Amon you need to put him on your to do list. Great spirit great results. He is a little bit spooky and scary and greedy kind of but fuck it he delivers and I’m happy to negotiate with someone who can deliver results!

Ok today I read @DarkestKnight journal and man his entry for the day was a hum dinger. I want to talk about it here on my thread it’s so important. I’m going to link here so that readers can read his thread first and then I’ll give you my thoughts.

Ok the student intends to draw a solar hexagram but in reality is fucking up and drawing and a Saturn hexagram. Is anyone surprised that he got Saturn results? No! Why because the objective universe doesn’t give much of a shit what your intentions were. You need to know your craft and know what the fuck you are doing. You can just nonchalantly blow things off and pretend your intentions will cover it. It doesn’t work that way.

Yes, your beliefs and intentions are something that can shape your subjective experience of what’s going on around you but that is NOT the end all be all. Look how many good people get shit on by the universe. If good intentions were a that mattered then things might look very different than they do in real reality.

Second. The student didn’t believe in the dichotomy with angels and demons…ok I’ve been the ONLY one saying this and I’ve been saying it a long long time. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, it is what it is.

I love that angel told him straight up it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, do it this way or your life will get fucked up.


This is some really important shit to understand.

So let me close with, yes your beliefs and intentions are important but that’s not all there is to the story.


I have two questions about him. He has been on my mind for the last few days. What did he favour as offerings? And when he reconciles two people, is that all he does? Can he help in keeping them together so they never part again? So that the problems that once speedster them never arise again?

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Ok @Jetsetrose Amon is a really “dark” spirit in my experience. I saw him manifest as an ancient stone sarcophagus in which a black wraith came out of. That was Amon.

He likes Gold, Silver, Silk, Rum and blood, copious amounts of blood.

Ok how he works is through compulsion and binding. My foster mom’s man was always on and off. We tied a knot in his penis so he couldn’t leave her.

Well, we were a little too effective. Now he constantly calls and messages to the point it’s irritating.

Amon delivers.


6-25-22 1024 am

Spirit of the day

Moloch this is a powerful infernal divinity. I’m not going through it’s history here except to say that this spirit can lay the enemy low.

I didn’t journal yesterday. I decided to take a sick day. I sleep and had mad hatter Qlippoth dreams for almost two days.


Things are going well at work.

I’ve got baneful scheduled today and djinn work scheduled for tomorrow.



Spirit of the day

Great spirit gives awesome familiars.


I’ve been feeling pretty low and lost for days for now.

Ive been doing a piss poor job with Murmur to the point I’m beginning to be afraid he might get angry with me.

I feel bleached and exhausted. I need a break.