The Conjuring Movie

I think we all agree that Hollywood dramatizes the supernatural world far beyond what is actually the reality. But I have listened to talks by one of the daughters who was portrayed on the movie The Conjuring. There is no doubt she is making money off of her story. To do that nowadays, you have to embelish (i.e. lie). At the same time, I don’t sense that she is entirely lying either. I would like to think that I have a pretty good “Bull Shit” meter (maybe I am wrong), but I think that she believes she is telling 70% truth. But one of the huge red flags is when she says that all of the family member’s stories lined up almost 100%. ANY historian or law enforcement officer knows that that is a HUGE red flag: 10 witness who are telling the truth ALWAYS tell slightly different versions of it in terms of details and even chronology.

So I guess the “question behind the question” is this: Have any of you experienced major supernatural experiences in which multiple people have testified to the same event (preferably including a skeptic)? Did the stories line up?

Ha! A lot of us experience this daily. When I used to work various jobs my poltergeist would follow me to work and so yeah, daily. Everywhere I went stuff would fall off shelves things get thrown, electronic devices malfunction or simply stop working, people that pissed me off got visits from my friend and I didn’t even send him he just goes into attack mode. Zozo is like that though he may like to terrorize but he is viciously protective of his friends. I know what you are after, you want more real validation of the paranormal. Summon Zozo and tell him you would love to see some crazy stuff and see what happens. Most spirits won’t do it just for you to see it but I think Zozo enjoys the shock factor.

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A couple things: Was your “friend” Zozo or some other entity? Regarding “summoning” zozo, is this different than evoking him? Do you have a suggestion on how I can ask him to show his presence in a paranormal way? Also, I’m not interested in being permanently haunted by him.